Hazon Visits Limmud NY 2012

by Wendy Levine

Limmud means learning. Limmud NY is a “conference, a festival, a gathering of hundreds of Jews from all walks of life, all Jewish backgrounds, all lifestyles, and all ages” and Hazon was fortunate to be a part of it.

Limmud NY’s conference was invigorating, interesting and really powerful. It’s not often you have the opportunity to meet with Jews of every background, denomination;  or with Jews with no affiliation.  The conference topics spoke to me in a variety of ways.  We heard from a son with vastly different beliefs then his father, the rabbi.  We meditated, danced, sang, and covered topics such as our family history, how technology will effect religion, and what does the birkat hamazon, grace after meals, really mean and why is it so long?

We questioned, we learned, and we really reflected on our own beliefs.

Hazon was able to talk about our programs, our vision for the future and how we are impacting the Jewish community and the world and we’re grateful for the opportunity.

Wendy Levine is the Cross-USA Ride Director at Hazon. Wendy is originally from Long Island, New York and is proud to be the first and so far only Hazon staff member living in Queens, more specifically Astoria, which she has great pride in. Join Wendy as she travels from Seattle to Washington, DC this summer. 


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