Getting There is Half the Battle

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Our rider, Lester, has already started posting about his travel to Israel:

Ok, El Al is known for packing ’em in, so I expected a crowded flight. But it was ok. I had an aisle seat, I could get up and walk around…. Until the Lady showed up. Old, groaning, kinda large, not moving too well, doesn’t speak English (or Hebrew) –  Russian or Ukraine, I think, but it is clear she wants my aisle seat… and I don’t think she could make it into the middle if she tried, so the good scout that I am, I move over to the window,,, until the guy who had that seat shows up, he sizes up the situation immediately and it is clear he is not such a scout, so I am stuck in the middle… I hope I don’t have to get up to pee.. Did I mention that she smells? Oh good, here comes the flight attendant with drinks.

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SPOILER ALERT: He makes it there safely. But what about his bike?

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