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Teva Learning Center

The 17th Annual Teva Seminar

Engage with experiential Jewish education at its source! May 31 – June 3, 2011 The Teva Seminar is an innovative professional development opportunity for Jewish educators, environmentalists, camp staff, farmers, rabbis, lay leaders and students. Engage in a three thousand year old dialogue about the connection between God, earth, and humanity within a dynamic learning community. Gain the skills you need to bring inspiration and vibrancy to your camp, synagogue, school, youth group and college campus. More Information and Registration for the Teva Seminar

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See, Touch, Smell, and Taste Sustainable Food in Israel

by Dr. Jeremy Benstein, The Heschel Center, Tel Aviv This coming fall, November 2-7, 2011, the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership, together with Hazon, will be hosting the second Israel Sustainable Food Tour. This exciting program is a unique way for North American Jews who are passionate about sustainable food to be exposed to the rapidly developing field of sustainable food in Israel. It is also an important opportunity for Israeli activists to meet likeminded counterparts and hear about their experiences, successes, challenges, insights and inspiration. Since Heschel’s original National Sustainable Food Conference a little over a year ago, which attracted 600 people with 40 roundtables and working groups, we have been working to create a coalition of people and organizations who are interested in promoting sustainable food in its myriad guises and contexts. We have been meeting with farmers, academics, government officials, health and nutrition experts, consumer policy groups, educators, nutritional security advocates and more to create the connections necessary to promote a shared agenda backed by leading stakeholders from all sectors. (more…)

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Greening Mecca

Jessica Haller – CIO and Director of The Jewish Climate Campaign I’m in Bath. Say it like an Englishman, not like you’re in the shower. Baaath. Six months after Hazon attended the celebration of religions at Windsor Castle, with their 7-year plans to address climate change, I returned to England to take part in the steering committee for the Green Pilgrim Cities program, sponsored by ARC (Alliance of Religions and Conservation) and the United Nations Development Program. The committee was a reunion of old-new friends from the celebration at Windsor castle, including Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Naomi Tzur, and representatives of pilgrimage cities and religions from across the globe. The idea, hatched at Windsor, was to unite pilgrim destinations around the world in addressing the ever-present problem of pilgrims leaving a mess in their wake.  100 million water bottles were left on the road and in the rubbish on the Hajj (the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca) in 2008. 100 million.  That’s a lot of plastic, a lot of oil, a lot of bottles water, and a lot of money spent on a resource that should be free. The stories cross religions and regions. (more…)

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A Bishop, an Imam and a Jew Walk into a Room

Opening panel –  The speakers are: Grand Mufti of Egypt Kusum Vyas- Hindu environmentalist from India Rev Sally Bingham, founder of Interfaith Power and Light Master Yang, Daoist, China Bishop Walter Thomas, New Psalmist Baptist Church, Baltimore, US Bishop of London, Richard Chartres Windsor, 4th November Dear All, I’m writing from the end of a remarkable conference, at which the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh met with religious leaders from more faiths than I knew existed, ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference next month. There were two main goals: to make clear to governments that religious communities support strong action next month; and to try to catalyze deeper and more substantive change, within and between religious communities, over the next seven years and beyond. (more…)

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Four Weeks and Six Years

New York / 20th Nov 2009, 3 Kislev 5670 Dear All, If one can speak of a tipping point for the Jewish environmental movement, and for Hazon’s work, these last four weeks have surely crystallized it – an absolutely extraordinary series of events. I challenge you to read to the end of this email and not be astonished at quite how much has happened in the last four weeks – and how good it is, and how inspirational, and how much hope it creates for the future. October 23rd: Jewish Climate Campaign at the UN. Representatives from Hazon and Teva and others were at the UN for the launch of the Jewish Climate Campaign. The Campaign is significant in its own right, and the launch received significant press, as well as the endorsement of senior staffers at the UN. (more…)

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Hazon Food Programs: What’s Happening?

“Does every Jewish institution need a farmer?” The question struck me a few weeks ago when I was at the Long Island Hazon Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) site for a “Meet the Farmer” night. Rabbis, cantors, and educators are usually seen as necessary staff in a Jewish organization; and in this room full of CSA members, some new and some returning, it seemed that a farmer should be considered essential as well.  For the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens and the Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore in Long Island, Maggie, from Golden Earthworm Farm, is their farmer. Maggie spoke about the time, attention, and thought that went into building each member’s box of vegetables each week. In addition, she felt privileged that through the support of these institutions, she was able to live her life as a farmer. Since 2004, when Hazon launched the first CSA site in the Jewish community, Hazon has been on the forefront of the new Jewish Food Movement. In 2008, when 560 farmers, rabbis, educators, students, chefs, and foodies attended the Food Conference, Hazon became the home of this movement. The Food Conference, like all of Hazon’s Food Programs, examines food through the […]

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