Time on the Hava and Adam Eco-Educational Farm

A program of Hazon’s friends.

Eco-Israel, a 5-month residential learning program of Hava & Adam Eco-Educational farm, offers young people ages 18-30 the opportunity to immerse themselves in sustainable living.  During the program, students live closer to nature, spend a lot of time outside and learn about plants, soil, compost and so much more.  They live as part of a community and learn how the principles and patterns that operate in nature also apply to social situations.

One of the Eco-Israel students shares his experience on the Hava & Adam farm in Israel:

My Time on the Hava and Adam Eco-Educational Farm: What it’s meant to me.

My path to Hava and Adam started eight years ago when I decided that someday I would come to Israel. In that time I became involved in paleotechnology and sustainable living; when I started to seriously study options of coming here and found the Eco-Israel program I knew it was the way to go. My time in Israel has been some of the best I’ve spent anywhere. Traveling around, seeing the sights, getting to know the culture, meeting family I had never even known about before; it’s been great. However, that’s only been half the experience…

I’ve been living the lessons of permaculture here on this farm for the last four and a half months with some of the most out there characters I’ve ever met. Yet, in spite of our differences, we’ve found common ground in what we’ve been learning (small and slow solutions; cooperation, not competition; waste is a state of mind; problems are opportunities; everything is connected; act where it counts the most) and formed a tight knit tribe that’s stuck together through all the ups and downs of communal living. We’ve done this because permaculture goes beyond copying natural patterns to make a better garden, it’s also about building stable communities and improving our own lives despite this messed up modern world we live in.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that if we want a future we’ll need to start doing things differently. What’s being taught here on this farm and on others like it is going to make a major difference in the wold to come and I for one am proud to be a part of it. This is a great country that everyone should visit, it’s a culture that presents a new facet with every viewing and a people that are going places and know it. We love guests here on the farm, so come and find this out for yourself!

Visit Eco-Israel’s website to learn more.

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