The Graduation Gift of a Lifetime

What can you give your college grad that will last a lifetime? How about the memories of an amazing trip taken together, a personal challenge, and making a difference in your community? Every year, parent/child combos participate in Hazon Rides and have a great time.


The personal pride achieved by our two sons as they completed riding 100 miles over two days taught them a lesson about setting high personal expectations, training and achieving, that no classroom experience can match.
—Jay N.

I got the best hug from my son at the end of the ride and he added, “thanks for making this weekend so special and riding with me” … Experiencing this ride by watching him accomplish something few of his age would even imagine was wonderful.
—Andy B.

Hazon events are truly intergenerational, with participants of all ages — whether you’re a kid or parent, you’ll have people your age with which to connect. What could be better? Riding with your child or parent is a good way to spend time together and make memories that last a lifetime.

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