Shmita Stories - Raise your voice!
Shmita and speaking up!
  from Lafayette
, Colorado


I am making a commitment to raise my voice about the urgent need to address climate change and will contact my senators, representative, and the White House *by phone* an average of one out of every seven days–so at least 52 calls. I started today by adding the DC and local office phone numbers to my contact list, and then made my first calls to Senator Hickenlooper and Senator Bennet! I regularly send emails and letters and sign petitions to my elected representatives, but only rarely pick up the phone. Phone calls have a greater impact and for the shmita year I’m making that a priority! I will be getting ideas on what is timely and most relevant to talk about from Jewish Earth Alliance, Dayenu, 350.org, Food and Water Watch, Interfaith Power & Light, Hazon’s advocacy alerts, and others.


I will make 52 or more phone calls to my elected representatives telling them how urgent and critical it is that we take significant and adequate action to address climate change. By adding my voice to the chorus calling for action, I hope to see historic and sufficient measures taken by our federal government.

How you can help: