The Year of Buying Nothing
  from Greensboro
, North Carolina


This year, beginning on Rosh Hashanah, my husband and I have made a commitment to only buy essentials (food, gas, home repairs) and nothing else.


Our goal is to break the patterns of buying that are so prevalent in our lives and instead shift these energies and dollars toward releasing ourselves from debt, redirecting our attentions to behaviors that will help us achieve our goals, and joyously living through new experiences.

How you can help:

While we don’t have land to rest, the way we spend our daily lives is through the making and spending of dollars – primarily on things that are at their core, non-essential. As part of this year, we are journaling and speaking with others about the process. We also expect to need to rely on our community networks to fill in the gaps when things come up but we cannot just run to the shops.