Shmita Stories - Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reducing Carbon output
  from Chicago
, Illinois


Our practice for this shmita year is to reduce our household carbon output. Carbon dioxide is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases which leads to climate change (global warming). I think we have gotten a bit complacent about all the ways in which our daily activities add to carbon emissions and I want to take this Shmita year to refocus our energies on reducing them. At the same time, I also feel an obligation to educate others about ways in which they, too, can make changes in their lifestyle to also reduce carbon output.


We want to figure out ways to both reduce our carbon emissions through reduction in outputs (energy use, transportation, food choices, purchases) and find opportunities to offset some of our carbon emissions (like planting trees). Our goal is to be on a decarbonization journey to reduce our negative impact on climate change.

How you can help:

People can support our project by encouraging us to be more efficient in our transportation choices, buying us gifts in the form of tree planting in our honor, and the greatest gift of all – imitation. If others decide to go on a similar journey then we will know that together we can make a positive difference!