ReSources You Can ReUse!

Do you need funding for an environmental justice project? Apply for a Jewish Social Action Month Grant from UJA-Federation of New York for a project to take place in Heshvan (October-November, 2014.) The deadline to apply is May 9, 2014.

Chai Ve’Kayam Curriculum Guide from the Pearlstone Center features experiential lessons on the Jewish agricultural laws. It includes the Hebrew Calendar Garden, a dynamic outdoor Jewish experience of time, space, earth, and spirit.

Thinking of planting perennial food plants this summer to prepare for the upcoming Shmita Year? Gotham Orchards helps organizations in NYC plant fruit trees in public spaces. Contact Erik Baard at And check out videos and books on the subject of perennials from Chelsea Green.

Many JGF organizations have hosted Bash the Trash, the group that builds musical instruments from ordinary stuff that you would normally throw away. Spanning genres as well as generations, Think Big is their first album, with songs and music written during 25 years of non-stop performing.

Jess Gold’s Animated Earth Concert Tour is coming to the East Coast of the US from England in October, 2014. Check the video here, the website here, and multi-media school resource here.

Jacob Siegel is a Jewish environmental educator available to teach your community about Judaism and sustainable food issues. Jacob is certified as a shochet, able to slaughter his own kosher poultry; he offers workshops on shechita, sustainable agriculture, fermentation, and other topics. He’s also a jazz pianist, biker, farmer, and camper. Contact him at

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