ReSources You Can ReUse!

Send a group of teens to the Youthbridge Teen Summit on March 7, 2014 to launch their own environmental justice project.

Contact the Chas. C. Hart Seed Co. to request a donation of free seed for your garden.

Bring Teva to your community for a winter eco-workshop (Jan-March) on Recycled Paper-making, Worm Bin Exploration, or Recycled Musical Instruments. Spring outdoor workshops, which can be held in a park near you, include Meet a Tree, Shma Sound Map, and Food Pickling & Preservation. Staff training and consultation are also available. Contact

Aharon Ariel Lavi is a founder of Garin Shuva A Jewish Eco-Mission-Driven Community in the Negev. He speaks on Judaism, economics, social justice, and environmentalism. He is currently a Tikvah Fund Fellow in New York. Contact

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