Omer Week One: Adon Olam

Traditional Yemenite melody with original music by Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz
Filmed at the Small World Music Centre, Toronto, Canada
Videography by Rodrigo Castro

The poet writes of an awesome Divine presence, one that was before creation and one that will be long after we are gone. ‘Hu hayah, hu hoveh, hu yihiyeh b’tifarah’. That which was, is and will be holds us in a masterful embrace as we walk through the narrow straits towards the mountain once again. Soon we will enter more deeply into that mystery, each of us arriving at the glorious site in Connecticut with our own kaleidoscope of experience and feelings. Ah, the adventure of mystery! What we know for certain about what will be is that, inspired by Reb Zalman’s resonance, we will sing and pray and dance long into the night, learning and softening beyond expectation. We will bring our individual, communal and ancestral memories into the present moment and allow ourselves to walk forward into the future enriched. This is my prayer and my blessing.
—Aviva Chernick

The 7-week period between the holidays of Pesach and Shavuot is called the Omer. For each of these 7 weeks, we will be making available one offering per week from 7 leaders of our upcoming Shavuot Retreat. Join us Memorial Day weekend for the Shavuot retreat to go deeper and get higher with these wonderful teachers. (Use early discount code EARLY10 through April 24th for 10% off.) In the meantime, enjoy our Omer experience!

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