Blessing for a Wounded Earth

by Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses

O Holy Earth!
We live on your sacred ground.
We were placed here
to guard you and tend you
to bless, respect and protect
your overflowing goodness sustaining
maintaining life.
But we– we misunderstood.
Our growth, our strife went unchecked.

We pollute you instead of salute you.
We reject your diversity
dissect your totality
disconnect from your sanctity
and our own morality
until nothing is left
and we stand here

of what is pure and simple
and wild.
We’re killing what is wild in you
and in us.
We impoverish your soil,
despoil your oceans.

We are left with rivers of tears and fears,
the searing truth that we just can’t go on living this way.
It’s time to pay.

O Great Mother!
We treat you like a stranger, an other,
when truth is — we are you and you are us.
In our lust
we avert our eyes
from you
from our own reflection
in your holy waters.
We’ve stripped your royal seal.
We can’t see beyond our greed
our endless need.
We refused to kneel.

It’s time to offer a prayer for your welfare-
to reduce our speed-
To stop the bleed.

O Wounded Earth!
Let us pray for your healing,
for the sealing of your sanctity.
Let us attune ourselves to your pain.
Let us respect your rhythms, your rains–
the early and the late.
your dew– that clear early morning crystal gift of drink to slake your thirst.
Let us lift your desecrated face.

O Great Earth Spirit!
Let us stand before your wounded body
and bless you.
Let us genuflect.
We bless you with rest.
You deserve to be left
naked and sacred.
You are beautiful and rare
You need care and prayer.
We need to prepare,
to dare to move beyond despair.
We offer you
a blessing to heal.
It’s time
for us to feel.
To know
that we have to grow
beyond the status quo.
It’s not rocket science.

It’s time
for realignment.
to restrain
To limit our greed
for the great need
that is yours
that is ours
that is now.

May we allow you to heal.
to wear your royal seal.

Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses is the Associate Rabbi and Director of Lifelong Learning at Romemu.

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