Hakhel Spotlight: FED, Harlem

FED – an intentional community based in Harlem, NYC – feeds you with delicious food, inspirational art and ideas, and the creative energy of others you find here. For the first time, this year FED will be offering services and meals for the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. There is a universal need for spiritual experiences, for a sense of community and belonging. FED offers a platform for creativity and dialogue where those from a variety of backgrounds feel welcome and included. It so happens that creativity with the tradition and how it can inspire reflection, help us find and realize a sense of purpose, and be our best selves is to me what Judaism – and FED – is all about.

For Rosh Hashanah on September 9-11, Hadar Cohen will lead us in interactive services incorporating sound and movement, and two delicious dinners will mark the start of the Jewish New Year. For Yom Kippur, we are hosting a service on September 18 at 7pm called Kol Nidre, perhaps the most dramatic, significant and powerful service in the Jewish calendar, which launches the Day of Atonement. In a participatory music theatre take on the Jewish ritual, Mátti Kovler and members of Floating Tower will explore the parallels between different versions of Kol Nidre (from the Persian, Yemenite and Turkish traditions) and other magical incantations. (Featuring Parham Haghighi, voice, Laura Derover, electronics, and others.)

We continue the next day at 4pm with Ne’ila, as the Book of Life is being sealed for the year. Dario Helman will lead us in an immersive experience called “Therapeutic Chevruta (study in pairs),” weaving together the personal introspection of psychoanalysis with the collectivism of religion for some deep conversations in a trusted environment. Opera singer and Jewish innovator Marques Hollie will perform from the rich holiday liturgy. All this hard work is then rewarded with a Break Fast, a delicious communal meal. Please join us!

More Info and RSVP: https://fedhighholidays.splashthat.com/


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