Enter the Jewish Food Festival

Have you ever wondered why Jewish summer camp and visits to Israel are so impactful in one’s life? One theory is that at camp and in Israel your “life” and your “Jewish life” become one.  It is so interesting to me that people, including myself, make this distinction.  I designate something as happening in my “Jewish life” vs. in my life in general.

Enter the Jewish Food Festival – part Jewish communal experience; part foray into local, organic food; part intellectual discourse on our relationship with food and the environment.  It is one place where my life and my Jewish life become one — outside of my years at camp and my times in Israel.  The environmentalist me hangs out with the foodie meand the spiritual me.  Ahh…integration.  Why did I decide to co-chair Hazon’s Jewish Food Festival even with a 16 month old daughter and a job?  Because I feel that creating a forum for people to integrate their lives around Judaism, food and the environment is crucial to continuing the existence of life on this planet.  Sounds extreme.  It is.

Having been a climate educator, I could bore you with statistics of species destruction at the most alarming rate since the dinosaurs, sea level rise that is displacing entire communities and other dire issues, but you most likely know the facts. Instead, I want to focus on how decisions we make regarding our food and how we live in the world can make a difference.

Enter the Jewish Food Festival.  With sessions on hydroponics, creating a just and sustainable food system, and beekeeping, your attendance at the Jewish Food Festival could change your life.  Again with these extreme statements, but I speak the truth.  At the Jewish Food Festival on April 28, 2013 at the Denver Jewish Day School, you could become so inspired that you start the first kosher, organic, macrobiotic, gluten-free, locally-focused deli in the Boulder/Denver area.  Now that’s integration!

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