[Cross-USA Ride] Participant Email March 13

 Hazon Cross-USA Ride

Countdown to orientation… 10 weeks! So much to look forward to! So many things to think about and prepare for. Rest assured, we commit to preparing you for this journey. We do need your help. If you haven’t done so yet, get yourself onto your bike! Depending on where you live, the weather is perfect for cycling this time of year and the more hours you are on the bike, the better.

[Image: Wendy Levine]Send out your emails and start fundraising! You will find further tips on how to create a phenomenal fundraising page below.

Counting down the weeks!


This is the fourth email for Cross-USA Ride participants. If you missed one, they can be viewed here.




[Image: Photo Alt]Did you know that on the road you can also learn about our amazing country and local food issues as we pass each community? Learn about food issues, great strides in local food justice, and how we can make a difference in our own food choices.

Topics include:

  • “Cooking from the Heart: Creating Jewish Family Rituals and Memories.” Learn how to create family rituals around the food we eat and how it relates to Jewish Holidays with Rabbi Paula Winnig in Indianapolis, IN.
  • “Magen Tzedek: Applying a Set of Standards Certifying That Kosher Food Manufacturers in the US Operate According to Jewish Ethics and Values.” Learn how the Magen Tzedek Standard is certifying kosher products that have a commitment to the ethical treatment of workers, concern for animal welfare, and environmental impact with Rabbi Morris Allen in St. Paul, MN.

Learn more about education on the Ride



[Image: Photo Alt]

Students from Milken Community High School, recipients of a mini-grant from the California Ride

Using proceeds from the Cross-USA Ride, we will be disbursing several small grants to projects along our route that share Hazon’s values. Do you know of an organization or project that focuses on Judaism and the environment, sustainable food systems, or transportation alternatives? We are looking to support specific projects that can use our small grants (up to $2000) to make a significant impact.Learn more about mini-grants


Ride Guide

Keep an eye out on the mail! In the coming weeks, we will be mailing you a ride guide, chock full of information you need to ensure that you have a fun experience on the Ride, including:

  • Route schedule
  • Accommodations
  • Food on the road
  • Packing list
  • Education and community outreach
  • Fundraising tips
  • Training tips

In the meantime, we’re always updating our website. You can speak to Wendy if you do have any questions.


Online Fundraising

[Image: Personal Touch]

See the personal page of New York Rider, Valerie Lieber

You have a personal webpage just for fundraising! 80% of fundraising for Hazon bike rides comes from online donations, and you’ll want to make your page as informative, fun, and catchy as possible!Check out our Using Kintera page to learn how to:

If after reading these materials, you’re still unsure of anything, please contact us.

Learn More About Fundraising


Cycling Skill Building

[Image: alt text]

Watch a video on bike gearing

The more comfortable you are with your bike, the easier your training and, ultimately, your ride will be. Riders have often commented that after a long distance bike ride, they have felt “one with the bike; they’ve figured out how to handle the bike to its best ability. Ideally, you should get as much of that handling down before the Ride. This can involve a few skills:

  • Gearing: This is the hardest to master, but is one of the most useful tools to learn. On terrain that has rolling hills, knowing when to shift your gears up or down can be key to maintaining your momentum. If you’re not in the habit of changing gears, it may take time to get used to. This skill, in time, will save you a lot of energy on longer, hillier rides.
  • Handling: While the whole ride is on-road, there are still obstacles to avoid, such as glass, sewer grates, and other debris on the road. Knowing how to comfortably maneuver around such road hazards will increase your safety and the safety of riders around you.
  • Breaking: Whether on long descents, going around turns, or stopping at red lights, being confident in your ability to maintain control of your bike is important. Only time in the saddle can help boost your confidence in these areas.

If you are new to riding, consider finding a skills building class at a bike shop or with a cycling group near you. If you live in the New York area, you can join our New York Area Rides Listserv and find other cyclists with whom to ride.

Learn More About Cycling Skills

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