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Hakhel Spotlight: Urban Moshav Boston

by Jonas Parker On our Hakhel tour of intentional communities last month, our small group bonded quickly. With representatives from Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia – as well as Mexico, Ukraine, and Russia – we easily bridged our linguistic and cultural differences (everyone speaks some English and everyone enjoys good food). At Degania, the first kibbutz, founded in 1909, we had the opportunity to speak with Muki Tzur, one of the foremost leaders and historians of the kibbutz movement. Now in his 80s, Muki spoke with a deeply grounded knowledge and wisdom about what it means for Degania to now be entering its 6th generation. He also explained how the “poison of nostalgia” freezes the past into a false ideal, and he drew the distinction between testament and heritage: testament is an approach to the past that says “this is the way things were and must be, therefore I will tell you what to do”, while heritage says “I trust you to look at our shared past, and decide what to keep and adapt for your future.” The gifts history has to offer are insights into how people of the past thought about the future; across time, people are always […]

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Shmita in Action: Israel

This is one article in a seven-part series, recapping a shmita study group, sponsored by Hazon and Kevah. You can find other posts in the series on the shmita blog. Shmita (the sabbatical year), on the theoretical level, is a radical movement towards social equality, awareness of land ownership, understanding of good agricultural practices, and a major reconsideration of a monetary system. Sounds like an interesting thought-experiment, right? Well, Shmita is also a real-life system that is currently implemented in Israel, the only place where following the laws of Shmita are traditionally required.  The various systems in place in Israel right now are quite complex.  There are essentially four options to choose from when a farmer is deciding in what capacity he will follow the laws of Shmita: Continue life as normal Use the rabbinical tool of Heter Mechira Use the rabbinical tool of Otzar Beit Din Import food from outside of Biblical Israel For someone just trying to buy food, this could get quite confusing.  Do I follow the laws of Shmita? Do I trust the Heter Mechira certification? Should I just be extremely safe and buy only imported food (despite the harm to the Israeli economy).  Why so many options? Why can’t […]

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Power of Bro

Power of Bro Documentary comes to Manhattan! “Power of Bro” tells the moving story of brothers Eyal and Ronen Yaari. Without warning, tragedy hits Eyal in the form of Parkinson’s and heart disease. With their lives altered forever, these two brothers hit the road on a tandem bike called Camello, biking on the Hazon Israel Ride, in an epic bid to transform their challenges into personal triumphs. Come see this moving documentary of how these two brothers cycled on a tandem bike on the Israel Ride, see your friends from Hazon, meand enjoy this incredible documentary that will inspire you!! The premier will be followed by a discussion with the Yaari brothers with light refreshments Manhattan Premier Thursday November 29th, 2012 7:00pm 125 Maiden Lane, Suite 8 B, New York, NY Join us for a pre-event dinner with the writer and directors and stars of the film, Ronen and Eyal Yaari 6:00pm Stay tuned for more details and an RSVP! World Premier Is November 29th too far away? Then come to the World Premier of Power of Bro! Thursday November 8, 2012 7:00pm Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington, NY Tickets:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/285078 RSVP to the event on the Facebook invite:  https://www.facebook.com/events/122079351276515/  See the […]

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Talking turkey

New York November 17th / 20th Cheshvan Dear All, This is the period of giving thanks. Thank you: to all the people who commented on (and re-circulated) the piece I wrote last week on Federations. There are various comments on our website, and also on Facebook and elsewhere. We welcome your further feedback. Thank you: to the 17 participants in our second Israel Sustainable Food Tour, and to our partners on that tour at The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership. We’re really psyched to be playing a role not only in developing more sustainable food systems in the US, but also in directly and indirectly both learning from and supporting some of the amazing work that’s starting to happen in Israel. You can see photos here. (And if you’re looking for an interesting Thanksgiving or Chanukah gift for someone – check out Negev Nectars.) (more…)

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