Connecting with the Land and People of Israel

eyalta_photo_17420As we started our second day of riding and touring on the Israel Ride we traveled south through the Yatir Forest, a large Jewish National Fund forest, unique to its semi-arid setting. As we passed Jewish, Bedouin and Arab towns as well as ancient cities and desert strongholds, the feeling of immersion in and connection with Israel grew. This relationship with Israel, its land and its people has been further intensified by the crew’s presence. The Israel Ride’s crew is made up of Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian alumni of the Arava Institute a well as past participants of Hazon programs. These alumni share their stories along the route and help us all gain further insight into and inspiration from this region.

This morning, before heading off on our day of riding, I spoke with Randall Miller a returning rider from Philadelphia, who said he has been looking forward to the Ride this year after the sense of contentment and community he found on his last Israel Ride. The Israel Ride offers riders the opportunity for a gratifying personal journey within a supportive community of incredible riders.

I look forward to keeping you updated on our daily events as the ride continues!


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