Issues with Emails from

For reasons outside of our control, some of our emails are now being blocked by spam filters. This includes not just emails from Hazon overall, but also from individual staffers. We cannot, on our side,  remove our emails from your spam. There are however a few easy steps that you can do to help.

If you’ve been in touch with a specific person at Hazon who you haven’t heard replies from in a while:

  • We apologize – it wasn’t our fault!
  • Please check your spam filter – an email from them may be there;
  • Please call that person to check in on the status of your conversation.

How to check your spam filter – and remove us from it….

If you use a public email service such as Gmail or Yahoo:

  • Check your spam or junk folder for any messages from Hazon that may have mistakenly ended up there.
  • If you find anything, mark it as not spam (see below for details).
  • Once you’ve done this a number of times, your email provider will learn to resume delivering Hazon emails to your regular inbox.

If you use an organizational or company email service:

  • Ideally, please ask your IT staff to enter into your email filter’s whitelist.
  • If you have any questions at all or don’t know where to start, our tech team is available to help you, so please be in touch. Call or email our Operations Manager Sarah Wolk (212-908-2500,
  • For tracking purposes, we’d love to hear from you once you’ve done this so, shoot us an email either way.

Specific Instructions for Popular Email Clients

Gmail and Yahoo Users:

  1. Using the list on the left, navigate to your Spam folder.
  2. Select the check box to the left of any emails from us.
  3. Click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the page.
  4. You may have to do this a few times to properly train your spam filter.

Outlook Users:

  1. Right click on the message in question (in your Junk, Inbox, etc).
  2. Select Junk then select “Never block sender’s domain.”
  3. If it was in Junk, right click on the message and select Move then select Inbox.
  4. Moving forward, new messages from us should not go to Junk.
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