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Care to Share

UJA-Federation of New York — in collaboration with Met Council, AmeriCorps, and Hazon — invite you to participate in our first annual Care to Share citywide and volunteer fresh produce drive. Care to Share will take place from Monday, October 3 – Tuesday, October 18, 2011, encouraging volunteers to symbolically fulfill the Jewish custom of gleaning, a custom tied to the harvest season and the Sukkot period. Traditionally, farmers leave the four corners of their fields unharvested so the needy can glean from the fields with dignity. (more…)

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Why We Ride With Hazon: Ruth Messinger [VIDEO]

We want to know, why do you ride with Hazon? We grabbed a video camera and started asking. This week we hear from Ruth Messinger, president and executive director of American Jewish World Service. She has ridden in every New York Ride since its inception. Prior to joining AJWS in 1998, Ruth was in public service in New York City for 20 years, including having served as Manhattan borough president. American Jewish World Service’s Hunger Campaign, Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up, also happens to be a beneficiary of fundraising from the New York Ride. Read more about Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up. Why do you ride with Hazon? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Stay tuned for more videos! Learn More about the New York Ride & Retreat

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Boulder’s Bee Flash Mob!

Every year the Food Conference brings together lots of lovers of sustainable, delicious food, and when so many people with a shared passion are in one place, it’s no surprise that it serves as the starting point for many exciting friendships and collaborations. Aaron Schneider and Maryan Heneim, who met and became friends at the 2009 Food Conference, are a great example. Maryan is the filmmaker of Vanishing of the Bees, and their friendship inspired Aaron to coordinate a very successful screening of the film and tour of Boulder Jewish Commons Community Farm a few weekends ago. While coordinating the event, Aaron got in touch with the Boulder County Beekeepers Association, and ended up participated in a flash mob of people dressed as bees that they organized as part of National Pollinator Week! Check out the video of the flashmob below, and learn more here!

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