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Great Strides in Greening Israel

David Krantz is President and Chairperson of the Green Zionist Alliance September 21, 2010 On Sukkot, we are all immigrants, dwelling in temporary lodging in the desert on our way to the Promised Land. We leave the safety of our homes and go to dwell outside, to connect with God and begin our spiritual journey to Israel. For most of us, this experience lasts only for a week. But for the thousands who make aliyah annually to the modern State of Israel, the immigration experience is year round. Instead of temporary sukkot, they live in absorption centers where they learn how to be Israeli. They’re taught to care about the land of Israel. And soon, thanks to the work of the Green Zionist Alliance (GZA), they will be taught that caring about the land means caring for the land. That’s because the GZA this June passed legislation in Israel that will lead to all absorption centers in Israel developing community gardens for new immigrants to use and connect to the land. Environmental education will be incorporated into the immigrant experience at all absorption centers in Israel.   That’s from one piece of GZA legislation. And that’s just the beginning. With […]

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Major Bike Legislation Changes A City

If you have the opportunity to spend time in Amsterdam, Chicago, Copenhagen, Portland, or Bogota, you will witness the possibilities of the bicycle as a main source of transportation. A transportation system in Amsterdam where almost 40 percent of all trips are made by bicycle evolves through a combination of economic necessity, bike friendly policies, a strong integrated public transportation system and a vocal community of cycling advocates.  Recently, the New York City Council took a step toward making the city more bike friendly. They  passed two pieces of bike friendly legislation that will greatly reduce the biggest deterrent to bike commuting: bike theft. Intro. 0780-A (Koppell) – bicycle parking in garages and parking lots. This bill will require the operator of every garage and parking lot with a capacity of one-hundred or more cars to provide and maintain parking spaces for bikes. The law mandates one bike spot for every 10 motor vehicle spots. Prices for the new bike parking will be left up to the garage owners to decide. According to DOT Commissioner Janet Sadik-Khan’s estimates, the law will eventually create more than 20,000 new bike parking spaces in nearly 1,700 locations, mostly in Manhattan. Intro. 0871-A (Yassky) […]

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