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Getting Excited to Ride

The 2013 Israel Ride has officially started – 130 riders began arriving over the weekend, and Tuesday was a day of bike building and touring. Throughout the Ride, we will be posting updates from the road, written by some of our riders. Our first entry is from Jonathan and Beth Miller, from Evergreen, CO (cross-posted from their personal blog) Bring it On! Tomorrow is Day 1 of Israel Ride 2013. Does it say anything that I am starting today’s blog with a reference to tomorrow’s ride? We are so ready to get this show on the road. We have our alarm clock set for 5:15 so we can get into our bike outfits, have breakfast and get onto the bus which will take our “Chalutzim” group out of Jerusalem where our 63 mile trek to Ashkelon begins. But, getting back to today… Our hotel here in Jerusalem is like a little slice of the United Nations. Keeping in mind that Jerusalem is the capital to the majority of the world’s most important religions, the diversity of the people who are here is something to behold. Breakfast is served buffet style with multiple stations featuring a broad range of foods to select […]

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