COVID-19 Communicable Disease Policy (CDP)

For Employees and Guests at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

COVID-19 Communicable Disease Policy (CDP) 

Updated as of September 2022

This document sets forth the policies of the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center (“Isabella Freedman”) for complying with the Connecticut State Reopening Rules.  

  • The policies in this document are in effect as of September 1, 2022 and reflect all the current Connecticut state guidelines and Hazon/Isabella Freedman’s policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Hazon will continue to monitor developments surrounding COVID-19 in Connecticut and make adjustments as appropriate, including for any changes in legal guidance. 
  • All references to “guests” in this CDP shall include participants in the “Isabella Freedman” programs, and individuals, families and groups that rent accommodations at Isabella Freedman.  All references to “employees” in this CDP shall include all part-time and full-time employees of Hazon, as well as volunteers and independent contractors who are working at Isabella Freedman.  


COVID-19 protocols 

The health and safety of all people remains our top priority. While we outline Isabella Freedman protocols here, please note that, consistently, Isabella Freedman protocols exceed government recommendations, including the guidance of CDC, federal, state, and local advisories in our efforts to keep all people on our land as safe as possible.

  • A Johns Hopkins public health advisor reviews and helps Isabella Freedman in determining our COVID protocols and policies. We review our COVID protocols two weeks prior to any group arriving with our advisor and will communicate any changes to group leaders in an email.
  • Isabella Freeman standard COVID procedures include all cooks have completed ServSafe COVID-19 training, use PPE including masks and gloves as required by training, all high-touch surfaces are frequently disinfected using electrostatic guns, and the main building HVAC uses MERV 8 filters which are replaced quarterly.
  • Testing We work with group leaders to determine the COVID testing procedures for their group depending on a number of factors including positivity and hospitalization rate, number of people who identify as members of an at-risk category and more. For events where there is mandatory PCR testing prior to arrival, at the registration/check-in we will ask everyone to present proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test results taken no more than 48 hours (unless Shabbat/holiday requires it to be 72-96 hours). Many groups also require proof of negative rapid antigen test to be taken on arrival day. Some groups require proof of vaccination for all of their attendees and ask that all front of house staff take a rapid test on the first day of their event.
  • COVID-19 travel guidance recommendations We strongly recommend that those using public transportation, car services, or air travel wear a mask at all times during travel prior to arrival at Isabella Freedman.
  • Daily Health Screening A health screening list of questions will be provided for guests to read and verbally respond that they pass at registration/check-in. Using the honor system, all attendees will also take the health screening each subsequent morning. Should anyone not pass the health screening they will remain in their lodging room and alert their group leader and Isabella Freeman management for next steps. Attendance at whatever is one’s first session of the day is an acknowledgement that they have taken and passed the daily health test.
  • Quarantining We will have lodging set aside as quarantine rooms in the unlikely event that someone becomes symptomatic or tests positive while at Isabella Freedman and needs to separate from others in their current lodging.
  • Masks Isabella Freedman currently has a mask optional policy in effect for guests. Folks may also mask outdoors when we cannot be at least 6’ apart. Folks who wish are always welcome to mask at any time for any reason. N95/KN95 masks are available to any folks who wish them. Isabella Freedman staff are under an indoor mask optional policy. 
  • Dining Dining room COVID protocols include sinks available for hand washing prior to meals and well as sanitizer available, optional wearing of masks when at the buffet (unless it is during an indoor mask mandate event and then all required), spacing of chairs and tables to adhere to our spacing protocols, and availability of compostibles for any guest who wishes to take food out of the dining room and eat outdoors or in their lodging. Outdoor dining tents have been rented by groups during many of Isabella Freedman events.