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Universalism and Particularism: The Dignity of Difference

by Andrea Steinberger
This piece articulate the significance of the individual and the place of celebrating diversity in Jewish tradition

Intentional Community

by Leah Josephson
A deeper dive into the origins of the intentional community movement

Realigning the Synagogue Playbook

by Eli Talk Rabbi Jeremy Fine
What is the ideal relationship between the Rabbi and his community? How does this role change in different types of settings?

Happiness and a Broken Heart

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
The human heart is an inspiring thing. Some insights from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov exploring what makes the human condition so unique.

Individual and Community

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
What is the difference between charity and welfare? And why is it so relevant in a community setting? A collection of sources will provide you with some food for thought.

Intentional Communities

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
Why is it so crucial for us to find meaning in what we are doing? And how can community become the anchor of meaningful existance?

Love Your Fellow

by Danny Gold
How is it that in communities build around social activism, the core value of loving your neighbour can be forgotton? This resource can help you get to the bottom of the problem
Design an event dedicated to this theme. Let the children offer an activity, where they can play their role in the community

7 Habits of Highly United Jews

by Eli Talk David Bratslavsky
Try to imagine what could be to achieved if your community was more united. This resource will provide you with seven tools to acheive this.
Ask your partners and yourself: In what way are we modeling unity? How is our internal dialog reflecting openness and unity?

Do I want a Connection or a Community?

by Scott Bolton
An exploration of the human desire for connection- what can quench the need for connection, and is community the only answer?

Egypt and Technology

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
In our hyper-technological society, the mere connection between humaniy and nature becoms a question. Jewish sources can inspire our exploration in that direction
Do a go around and share the most natural experience you evenr had, and the most artificial one. To what extent did each one inspire or energize you? What do miss and gain when connecting with nature? What do we miss and gain when moving away from it towards technological lives?

An ELI Talk by Karina Zilberman

by Karina Zilberman
"Play is the exhaltation of the possible" said Martin Buber. Where can a leader create such space in the community? What does it take to get beyond the barrier of skepticism? A wonderful talk!
Tell a bit about the 'Let's try it!' voice within yourself. What are the stands in the way for this voice, internally and externally?

Outreach and Never Giving up on Someone

by Jamie Cohen
Inclusiveness and pluralism have become cornerstone vlues of our generation, and yet they are not easy to implememnt and accomplish. This collection of texts will take on a journey to explore the meaning of boundaries, "the other" and the inner circle.
While studying the texts, try to write down and share the main characteristics of your community. whatm akes it what it is? What is its identity? After defining what your community is, ask yourselves what is not? Where do we draw the line between "inside" and "outside", and how do we treat people respectfully on both sides of the line?

The Individual and the Community

by Jonathan Dickens
For many people, joining a community can require a change of mindset. This article gives insight into the process the indiviual goes through upon joining a community as well as the process a community goes through when new members join.

Communal Prayer – ????? ?????? Why I need you.

by Ben Gross
This resource looks at the power of communal togetherness form the perspective of the text of the Amida prayer.

I Don’t Trust Rabbis, So I Became One

by Elad Nehorai
Rabbis and religious leaders can be a surce for inspiration and thriving communities, but sometimes they can do the opposite, unfortuantely. In this self revealing text, one of Hakhel's communities leaders shares his personal exprience in this journey, and how he chose to actually become a Rabbi and serve as a positive role model