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Learning and Doing With Our Committees

by Gloria Becker
This sourcesheet was constructed for a specific US community, but we find it, and its questions, highly relevant to almost any community within the Hakhel network. Come learn and see for yourself
Read through the texts together, and discuss the questions within it

Lo Titgodedu: Do Not Separate Yourself from the Community

by Eryn London
Being alone is defined as the first "not good" thing in the Torah, and leads to the creation of the first companionship. Along the same line, the commandment of "Lo Titgodedoo" means that we should not separate ourselves from one antoher even when we have deep disagreements.
After learning the sources ask yourself what do they mean to you as a community? Try to map out up to 3 major conflicts and/or disagreements you have within the community and ask yourselves what is more important: to be right or to be together?