Hazon Seal Summit 2021

Oct 21, 2021 - 12:30 pm EDT - 5:15 pm EDT

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Thursday, October 21, 2021!

Hazon’s Seal Summit 2021 is a virtual conference designed to bring together active Hazon Seal sites, prospective sites, and any and all individuals passionate about environmental stewardship. During this summit we will engage in deep learning, resource-sharing and community building! This year’s theme is “Climate Change and Mental Health: Building Resilience for Ourselves and Our Planet.” Together we will unpack how to take care of the earth as well as our mental and physical wellbeing.

Along with a keynote speaker, presenters will include experts in environmental sustainability and related topics. In addition, there will be opportunities to join networking sessions to strengthen connectedness and encourage peer learning. The summit is designed to give you tools, information, and empowerment to further your organization’s (and your own) environmental stewardship journey.

Register individually or with your community! Sign up with your community, and your organization will be put into a drawing for 25% off an organizational retreat at Isabella Freedman.


  • Individual registration: $18
  • Individual registration plus a Hazon T-Shirt and name in raffle drawing for a Sustainability Starter Kit: $36
  • Group cost (for a prospective community/seal site and active seal site that wants to register as a group) plus Hazon T-Shirt (up to 3) and name in raffle drawing for 25% off an organizational retreat at Isabella Freedman: $100


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Speakers for 2021

Alaura Carter, Program Manager at The Climate Reality Project
Becca Gan Levy, Farm and Sustainability Director of Milk and Honey Farm, Boulder JCC
Brian Kateman, President and Co-Founder of Reducetarian | Director of Meat Me Halfway
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman, Senior Rabbi at Temple Beth Zion
Faye Wolf, Board of Trustees Third Vice President at Congregation Beth Ahm, MI
Francine Levine, Co-Chair of the Congregation Beth Ahm, MI green team
Dr. Jack M. Gorman, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Franklin Behavioral Healthcare | Green team member of Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
Jill Leaness, Director of Climate Speakers Network at The Climate Reality Project
Dr. Joan Plisko, Director of Community Sustainability at Pearlstone Center
Keynote SpeakerDr. Lise Van Susteren, General and Forensic Psychiatrist | Author
Dr. Mirele Goldsmith, Founder of Jewish Earth Alliance
Rabbi Ruth Sohn, Director of the Leona Aronoff Rabbinic Mentoring Program | Rabbi of the Lainer Beit Midrash
Scott Lewis, Co-Chair of the Temple Solel Tikun Olam Committee

The Hazon Seal of Sustainability is a roadmap for Jewish institutions to become healthier and more sustainable through education, action and advocacy. Learn more here.

Schedule Highlights from 2020

The Jewish Lab for Sustainability – On the Ground in Detroit with Hannah Fine and Wren Hack: The city of Detroit has been one of the hardest hit by the global Coronavirus pandemic because of the ongoing legacy of institutionalized racism, poverty, and environmental injustice that persist there. In this session, Hazon Detroit will highlight some of what we have been doing on the ground in response to the pandemic – inspiring and supporting individuals to grow and donate produce, while rescuing food to bring to pantries and front line organizations. We know we can’t solve the problem of inequity and injustice in Detroit, but we’re trying to do our part to help ensure that baseline sustenance is met for our neighbors and those suffering most in this moment.

Food and Climate: Jewish Institutions, Plant-Rich Diets, and Food Waste with Hazon’s Director of Food and Climate Becky O’Brien: Our food choices, as individuals and institutions, have a significant impact on the environment–in fact they are some of the most impactful of all our actions! In this session, learn about the connections between food waste, plant-rich diets, and climate change. Hear inspiring stories from Jewish institutions already having success in these areas and leave with ideas for how your community can move toward more sustainable behavior.

Environmental Racism Panel: Panelists: Sabrina Sojourner, spiritual leader from Revitz House, Yoshi Silverstein, Founder and Director of the Mitsui Collective, Denise Abdul-Rahman, Regional Field Organizer, NAACAP, and Sue Salinger, from Ekar Farms

Moderated by Jewish Youth Climate Movement leadership board members Tali and Sasha

We will learn from experts about the many harms of environmental racism, what we can do to mitigate it and how to get involved in the fight for a more just society.

Jewish Garden Concepts in and around the Sukkah: A sukkah can be more than a place to show off our Harvest. Join Rabbi Michael Birnholz from Temple Beth Shalom of Vero Beach, Florida as he tours his congregation’s bean/potato/pumpkin Sukkah. From this sukkah, he will share some of the other ways to create Gardens (in shape or produce) that help tell Jewish stories or illustrate Jewish values.

The Path to Community Solar with the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island: Join representatives from the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, as they share how they gathered together as a community, committed to climate justice and are leveraging resources to transition to solar. As of now the Jewish Alliance and the Dwares JCC, plus a growing list of other Jewish institutions, are transitioning to off-site solar to power their Jewish community.

Adamah: Federal Food and Farm Policy – Getting your communities activated around advocacy with Adamah Farm Director, Janna Siller: How do policies affect what’s on your plate for dinner? Get a primer on the farm bill, learn how environmental and justice issues are shaped by federal laws and regulations, and gain advocacy skills to participate in the process. Janna is a farmer and activist with Hazon’s Adamah farm and fellowship. She’s been teaching on policy issues for years and looks forward to helping your community work toward meaningful change.