Brit Hazon: Reduce Food Waste

Commit to the Brit Hazon:

Reduce Food Waste

Below are our suggestions to reduce the food you throw out over the next six weeks. Choose one to three actions to get started and check out tip sheet for help along the way.

+ Trust Your Senses
Sell by/Best by/Use by dates are not legislated, have no oversight, and are not standardized (except on baby formula). Hence, these dates do not mean that food is yucky or unsafe after the date. Learn to use your eyes, nose, and mouth to determine if food is safe and tasty and stop throwing food out just because of the date.
+ Eat Me First
Create an “eat me first” shelf in your fridge and keep on it food that needs to be eaten in the next two days. Then, plan your meals around what’s on that shelf first.
+ Waste Audit
Conduct a food waste audit in your home. Measure and record, either by weight or by quantity, every bit of food waste you discard over the six weeks. Consider using the information you glean to adjust your buying or eating habits.
+ The Freezer is Your Friend
Whether it’s leftovers you just can’t bring yourself to have one more serving of right now, or food you just aren’t going to get to eat before it goes bad, freeze it! Not everything will return to its original glory, but frozen bread makes great toast, frozen fruit is perfect in smoothies, frozen veggies are delicious when tossed into pasta dishes and soups.
+ Feed People Not Landfills
If you regularly have a surplus of larger quantities of food from large events or through your workplace or synagogue, find a local food bank or other food rescue partner that can share the leftovers with people in need. Or, simply offer up your goodies to friends and neighbors.
+ Compost
Compost the food waste that you do create. Options vary depending on what services are available in your area, but there’s almost always a way to do it. Research what’s possible for you and implement it.
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