Brit Hazon: Reduce Household Waste

Commit to the Brit Hazon:

Reduce Household Waste

Below are our suggestions to reduce how much you send to the landfill over the next six weeks. Choose one to three actions to get started and check out tip sheet for help along the way.

+ On the Go
Make the switch to reusable to-go cutlery and straws. For six weeks, bring your own utensils and straws from home when you pack lunch. And, when you grab take-out be sure to say “I have my own utensils!” Bonus: Bring your own reusable to-go container, as well.
+ BYO Bag & Bottle
Commit for six weeks to not use any single-use plastic or paper bags. Dust off those reusable bags and commit to remembering them when you go shopping. And, get a reusable bottle/thermos and bring it everywhere. Plus, coffee shops often have discounts for customers who bring their own thermos!
+ Rethink Single Use
We use disposable products because it’s convenient, but the hidden costs to our planet and our pockets are significant. For six weeks, try replacing paper towels with washcloths and ziplock bags with containers. You don’t need fancy glass containers or silicone bags, that old tomato sauce jar or takeout container will do just fine.
+ Shop Smarter

For the next six weeks: 1) use your own containers to buy bulk goods (grains, flours, legumes, coffee, etc). 2) Buy non-perishable goods in larger containers that are not subdivided (e.g., buy the big bag of chips, rather than a big bag full of separately packaged little bags of chips). 3) Buy concentrates (of juices, cleaners, etc.) and dilute them yourself into reusable containers.

+ Level Up
Upgrade your recycling game. In order to increase the amount of material you recycle and know that you are recycling in the correct way, spend the next six weeks learning about plastics numbers, breaking down your cartons, cleaning your recyclables, and finding drop-offs for recyclable items like electronics that aren’t accepted curbside.
+ Bars Not Bottles

Many soaps (hand, body, dish, shampoo, and laundry) are available in bar form or powder packed in a biodegradable paper or cardboard wrapper. These items not only reduce the amount of waste you produce but often last longer, cost less, and work just as well.

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