Commit to the Brit Hazon:

Reduce Energy Use

Below are our suggestions to get growing and buy local over the next six weeks. Choose one to three actions to get started and check out tip sheet for help along the way.

One of the easiest ways to save energy (and a little cash) is by paying more attention to your thermostat. For the next six weeks, adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees. Moderating your temperature with sweaters and fans instead of cranking the heat or A/C can cut your house’s energy consumption by 10%!
Do you have a vacation spot that you fly to every year? Plan to vacation near home instead. Turn at least one trip that needed a flight into a staycation or nearby road trip.
A single occupancy vehicle commute is a solo trip to or from a daily destination (usually work). Adding another person to your car trips reduces the number of cars on the road and dramatically reduces your (and their!) carbon footprint. For the next six weeks, find someone to carpool with for half or more of your commutes.
Even energy efficient cars create greenhouse gasses. Walking and biking are healthy and fun methods of curbing emissions. Pick one trip a week, for the next six weeks, that you usually do by car, and walk or bike (or scoot, or skateboard, or skip) instead.
Tumble drying clothes is one of the biggest household uses of energy with a simple fix, which also saves money and reduces wear on your clothing: Air-dry. Let the sun and air dry your laundry at least once a week for six weeks.
Various “small” issues around the house can add up to large amounts of energy waste! And energy inefficiency is money inefficiency, too! Fixing insulation, sealing air leaks, keeping lights and appliances off when not in use, replacing inefficient bulbs with high efficiency options, and washing laundry in cold water are small and easy changes that make a big difference. Pick two “small” actions and make them happen in the next six weeks.
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