At Hazon, we believe advocacy can and must take many forms. From convincing your synagogue to eliminate meat from their weekly kiddish to advocating for greater protections for sustainable agriculture in Federal policy, advocacy changes the world. That’s why, we are committed to raising our collective voice locally, nationally, and internationally with our friends, colleagues, neighbors, and partners.

Communal Advocacy

Hazon Seal of Sustainability – Our top recommendation and resource to support you in transforming your Jewish institution and building a more sustainable future for your entire community is the Hazon Seal of Sustainability. Join with hundreds of other individuals who are advocating for and realizing real and impactful change.

Brit Hazon – Make a personal commitment to change your behavior, take a stand to reduce climate change, and amplify your voice!

Political Advocacy

Participating Member –

Jewish Social Justice Round-table

Jewish Earth Alliance

Jewish Climate Action Network: Mobilizing communities to take leadership in bold climate campaigns through education and reducing carbon footprints.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment: seeking to encourage people of faith to weave values and programs of care for God’s creation throughout the entire fabric of religious life

Public Statements –

A Virtual Rally in Solidarity with BASE Manhattan (and others)

COVID-19 Recovery Package Letter with National Religious Partnership on the Environment

#SaveOurCompost Coalition of NYC – public signatory of letter to reinstate NYC compost program

Climate Works for All Coalition of NYC – public signatory of letter to ensure future stimulus efforts target green infrastructure and jobs in NYC

Organizations We Work With –

Citizen’s Climate Lobby: A non-religious advocate for policy change, but which has a cohort Jewish Action Group for its members

Dayenu: The largest Jewish voice advocating for policy change