David Rendsburg

David Rendsburg   Chief Finance & Administration Officer

David Rendsburg is currently the Budget Director at Hazon, and the incoming Chief Finance and Administration Officer, supporting all departments with number-crunching. Originally from Binghamton, NY, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a degree in Jewish Studies, and spent time living and learning in Israel as well. David has held many roles since joining Hazon in 2006, including Director of Bicycle Rides and Director of Data and Analytics. He has participated in or staffed over 40 bicycle rides with Hazon and has attended many holiday retreats at Isabella Freedman. After 15 years in New York City, David moved to Philadelphia in 2020 with his wife and two children.

Philadelphia, PA | 212.644.2332 x302 | david.rendsburg@hazon.org

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