Video Gallery

About Hazon (3:48)

2018 Hazon Michigan Jewish Food Festival (2:01)

2018 Colorado Jewish Food Fest (0:54)

2017 Hazon Michigan Jewish Food Festival (2:03)

2017 New York Ride & Retreat (1:55)

Teva in a nutshell (1:42)

JOFEE: Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education (2:30)

Join the People of the Bike! (1:56)

Hazon Food Conference (0:42)

Ruth Messinger: “The most important fundraising tip…” (1:07)

Rosh Hashanah at Isabella Freedman (0:43)

Meditation Retreat (1:42)

Rabbi Roly Matalon: “I came to Isabella Freedman 25 years ago…” (1:20)

Rabbi David Ingber: “Elevating through vision…” (1:16)

Adamah: The Jewish Farming Fellowship (0:45)

Shavuot Retreat (0:40)

Seal of Sustainability in action (3:40)

JOFEE Network Gathering (5:00)

Michigan Jewish Food Festival (:48)

Scott Kaufman, CEO Jewish Federation of Detroit, at Michigan Jewish Food Festival (1:38)

Detroit Tu b’Shvat: Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (7:29)

Detroit Tu b’Shvat: Monica Lewis Patrick (9:42)

Niggunim with Shir Yaakov, Hazon Meditation Retreat (2:30)

Baby goats born at Isabella Freedman (1:03)

Green Your Jewish Institution! (7:23)

Why I Ride (1:20)