The Adamah CSA

To learn more and register for the Falls Village CSA, click here.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture shortens the distance from farm to table, benefiting the health of our bodies, our wallets and the earth. CSA members receive a weekly abundance of fresh, local food throughout the growing season. With a secure market for their harvest, CSA farmers get to focus on growing great food and caring for the land.

Why Join?

  • TASTE Fresh is more delicious and selling locally allows farmers to choose varieties based on flavor rather than shipping durability.
  • HEALTH The colorful bounty of a CSA share represents a weekly dose of fresh vitamins and minerals.
  • COMMUNITY During pickups, at farm visit days and through our newsletter, members can share recipes, learn how their food is grown and spend time with fellow veggie-lovers.
  • ADVENTURE The weekly challenge of using up a CSA share presents an exciting cooking experience.
  • LAND STEWARDSHIP We use compost, crop rotation, cover crops and crop diversity rather than chemicals.
  • SUSTAINABILITY Vegetable oil fuels our trucks, part of our land is planted in permaculture and we keep earth in mind in all our decisions.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY We can answer to our members on quality, environmental and labor issues in ways that big industrial farms cannot.
  • KEEPING IT LOCAL Members support their local economy by keeping their food dollars nearby.