Adamah Consulting

As longtime teachers and mentors to the Jewish Outdoor Food, Farm and Environmental Education field (JOFEE) on the first Jewish educational farm in North America and running the first Jewish farming fellowship we have extensive mentorship experience. We offer consulting on the following topics:

  • Starting a farm or garden
  • Composting
  • Mentoring young leaders
  • Program design and structure
  • Running residential programming
  • Education and farm business balance
  • Value added products business management
  • Hosting apprenticeships
  • Engaging in food and farm policy advocacy
  • Addressing health (including mental health) concerns for on-farm residents
  • Funding food and farm programs including working with USDA

We’ve consulted for the following organizations:

  • The Sadeh UK
  • Coastal Roots Farm and Leichtag Foundation
  • Eden Village Camp
  • One Soil Farm
  • Linke Fligl
  • Rock Steady Farm
  • Hotchkiss School
  • Yad Ezra
  • Gann Academy
  • Kellogg School

Contact us to learn more: