Adamah has taught me that it is possible to live in accordance with my highest ideals and provided me with knowledge, practical skills and relationships that will help me continue to do so.
—Garth Silberstein
In these three months, I have felt the most present I have in my entire life, I have been blown away by the most supportive community I’ve lived in, and have been reconnected to values of environmental stewardship, service to others, gratitude, and compassion.
—Rachel Salloway
Adamah allowed me to connect with chickens, the sunrise and a beautiful Jewish community. Adamah pushed me to ‘feel’ my Jewish roots and let go of my Jewish critiques.
—Jordan Kahn-Tietz
I have really found a way to heal through Judaism and how to find myself and stay centered, which is more important to me then I could have ever predicted. I now look to Judaism in my every day life to help me heal, celebrate and really live and have fun in my life.
While at Adamah I have met more people who live out sustainable values in ways I had not witnessed before which brings me excitement and hope for my future life!
My experience at Adamah was truly life changing.  I really think I left the program with a better understanding of what I want out of life and who I am.  I am able to see things about life from a more holistic perspective. I had never felt a sense of community in my life before coming to the farm, and I must say, it is a beautiful feeling. 
I came to Adamah knowing very little about farming and living in a manner that connects with and honors the earth was mostly foreign to me. It’s pretty amazing to me how in just 3 months, all of that changed.It has been an incredible journey of learning, spiritual awakening, connection with people and place, and has given me tools to continue this journey onward!
Adamah is the happiest and most purposeful I have ever felt in my life.
Adamah changed my life, made me a better, more well-rounded person, helped me build deep, meaningful connections, helped me think about my role and responsibility in this world, helped me connect to my Judaism in a powerful, beautiful way, taught me way more than I could have imagined learning in two months anywhere and any time in my life.