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The Adamah Fellowship is a three-month program for adults in their 20s and 30s that integrates organic agriculture, farm-to-table living, Jewish learning, community building, social justice and spiritual practice.  Adamah cultivates the soil and the soul to produce food, to build and transform identities and to gather a community of people changing the world.  We grow organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, goats, flowers, eggs, and we grow people through experiences with ecology, food production, social justice, spiritual practice, a vibrant evolving Judaism, and intentional community. 

Our goat herd turns poison ivy into milk, meat and manure (which then turns into vegetables), lactofermentation (pickling) turns cabbage into luscious super-food sauerkraut, and we learn to listen and support the human and natural community around us through intentional living and song!

I’m a seed, Adamah has been my soil, and the people here have provided sunlight and water to help me grow more fully into myself.
—Hana Zweibel

2020 Fellowship dates:

Due to COVID-19, we have canceled our in-person Summer and Fall Fellowships.  We hope we can invite you here in the Spring. We will post updates as the situation evolves. 

We recognize that white supremacy and other systems of power disproportionately impacts accessibility to programs like these for People of Color and members of other marginalized communities. Centering these communities in our work is something we value, and we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities.

2020 Fellowship Fees

2020 Fellowship Fees:

We have a sliding scale program fee of $800 – $2,400, and no one is turned away for lack of funds! 

In order to ensure a future for Adamah, we have:

  • Raised additional funds to donate produce to those who need it
  • Increased the cost of the in-person fellowship
  • Reduced expenses 

This fee covers the cost of running an integrated, intensive, and transformational residential fellowship including room, board, educational programming, and highly experienced staff.  

We are able to offer highly subsidized fees thanks to the generous support of individuals and foundations and the revenue from our farm business. This covers the cost of running an integrated, intensive, and transformational residential fellowship including room, board, and educational programming. If there is one thing that all Adamah alumni agree on, it’s that their time in Adamah was transformative.  We deeply believe in the work that we do here, and want the Adamah experience of farming, pickling, singing, praying, learning and playing to be accessible to more people.

So, what should you pay?

If you have personal or family resources that enable you to pay the full $2,400 fee or more, we ask you to do so to make the program more accessible to others. IF you are unable to pay $2,400, please consider what the highest amount is between $800 and $2,400 that will allow you to afford the program.  If you cannot afford the $800, please contact us.

It may help to consider what it is that your program fee is helping to cover:

  • A living wage for our full-time staff
  • Seasonal Adamah Alumni residential farm staff
  • Housing for Fellows including all utilities
  • Food from our farm: organic produce, milk from our goats, lacto-fermented pickles, jams, and more
  • Other food staples and kitchen supplies
  • Class supplies and resources
  • Field trips
  • Bikes for all!

You will be asked to indicate the program fee amount you can pay on the online application when you apply for the Fellowship.

Payment Schedule

Upon acceptance, you are asked to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit. We cannot reserve your place without the deposit. We will bill you for the balance due approximately three weeks before the start of the Fellowship. Payment is required approximately two weeks before the start date.


If you cancel for any reason in the two weeks before the start date of your Fellowship, you will receive a full refund minus the $250 deposit. 

In the event that we have to cancel due to COVID 19 related health concerns, you will receive a full refund.


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