Shmita Stories – Share Your Journey

Shmita Stories – Share Your Journey​

People around the world are making Shmita real in impactful, inspiring ways.

Join us in bringing this Shmita year to life with stories grounded in the values & teachings of the Shmita year. 

What Shabbat achieves regarding the individual, Shmita achieves regarding the nation as a whole.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Shabbat Ha’aretz

It is a year of social involvement, spiritual and ethical renewal, and deep environmental reflection;
It is a year of brotherhood and sisterhood, culture, spirit, family, and community;
It is a gateway in time – once in seven years, a renewal of the covenant between humans and the earth.
It is a year that leaves a distinct impression on the subsequent six years.

Shmita Israelite Declaration, signed by Israeli environmental and social activists along with members of the Israeli Knesset, 2014

Let's build a movement.

Shmita challenges us to create a social and environmental change.

What are you planning for the Shmita year?

Shmita Stories from Around the World

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