Aharon Ariel Lavi

Aharon Ariel Lavi   Director of Hakhel

Aharon Ariel Lavi is the founder and director of Hakhel: The Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator in the Diaspora, at Hazon.

Lavi is a serial social entrepreneur and a professional community organizer, who believes that networks are key to shaping our reality. He founded his community in Shuva in Israel, the Nettiot network and was also Co-founder of MAKOM: the national umbrella organization of intentional communities in Israel.

In 2020, Hakhel was awarded the Jerusalem Unity Prize, by the President of Israel.

Lavi is also a thinker who believes Judaism can inspire and inform all walks of life, and vice versa. He holds Rabbinic Semicha, as well as academic degrees in Economics, Geography and History and Philosophy of ideas. He writes his dissertation on migration of ideas between US Jewry and the Israeli society. He was a fellow in several research institutions in Israel and wrote extensively on Judaism and economics, environmentalism and other issues.

Lavi lives with his wife, Liat, and their five children in Shuva, and in his spare time he is also a professional mountain biking racer and trainer. His recent book, Seven, deals with Shmita inspired economic, social and environmental ideas.

Shuva, Israel | 718.305.7075 (US) | 972.50.473.4513 (Israel) | lavi@hazon.org

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