JOFEE values reach beyond programming into the realm of organizational culture. With the intention of sharing best practices, Hazon, Pearlstone, Urban Adamah, and Wilderness Torah have worked together to improve our organizational practices. We are pleased to share these internal HR and organizational documents in an effort to continue growing and strengthening our collective JOFEE organizational practices.

More and more JOFEE organizations and startup JOFEE programs within other institutions are being developed every year. We hope these documents, which include employee handbooks, organizational charts, new hire protocols, and more, will serve as examples to social entrepreneurs of what these more established programs have built over, collectively, almost a half-century of operation.

We believe that open sharing across organizations is the best way to challenge ourselves and each other toward best practices. 

In this spirit, to access these documents, email with an HR document or documents of your own that you are comfortable sharing publicly. In exchange, you will receive a password which opens up the set of submitted documents. We look forward to updating the set as we receive more submissions from other organizations.