Families and Teens

HazonFood2010_dgartner_img_8136The New York Ride is the perfect place to spend Labor Day Weekend with the whole family! Camp Teva is a fun and safe program for children, filled with engaging and meaningful nature-based activities rooted in Jewish tradition. Our Camp Teva counselors create programs designed to engage, educate, and entertain.

New for 2013, Camp Teva continues on Sunday! As parents head out on the ride, kids (aged 6-12) can stay back at Isabella Freedman with their counselors, and continue their exciting activities.

Nitzanim – Sprouts (Age 0-5): There will be a designated play space where young children can come accompanied by a parent or guardian. We’ll have activities, games, and arts & crafts materials available.

Shorashim – Roots (Age 6-8): Explore the natural world around you! Enjoy fun scavenger hunts, pickle making, storytelling, pool games, and more.

Chalutzim – Pioneers (Age 9-12): Hang out with your new friends as you go on an adventure in the woods, showcase your talent creating your own skits, or play ultimate Frisbee!

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What it’s Like to be a Teen on a Hazon Bike Ride:

  • Experience the outdoors from a fresh and exciting perspective
  • Support small Jewish environmental organizations (or receive a grant for your own!)
  • Live in an inclusive Jewish community, which celebrates the power of Shabbat
  • Have fun riding your bike with your friends and family
  • Eat delicious, sustainable, and kosher food
  • Learn how Judaism and environmentalism intersect to create a better world

Please refer to our Teen Safety Policy regarding our requirements for younger participants.



New for 2013, Camp Teva continues on Sunday! As parents head out on the ride, kids (aged 6-12) can stay back at Isabella Freedman with their counselors, and continue their exciting activities.

DSC_0445Babysitting and Shmira: Child care is provided by experienced babysitters, interviewed and screened by Hazon. Details will be announced closer to the Ride.

Babysitting will be provided on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. This will be offered as a drop-by service, so depending on your activities feel free to use as much or as little as you would like.

We also have an evening “check in” service for your sleeping children. After you put your kids to bed, our babysitters will be on duty on Friday and Saturday nights. This will allow you to return to the evening activities. Our babysitters will walk by the rooms every 15 minutes and check on them every hour.

Housing: Families with young children are generally housed near each other, making it easier for night time babysitting and access to a communal play area.

Food: There will be fruits, vegetables and kosher healthy snack options for small kids available all day in the babysitting/playroom. You should feel free to bring your own snacks as well. There will be a small refrigerator available. We have an early meal option for most meals.

Family Fundraising: We enjoy having family groups on the Ride and recognize that raising sponsorship can be a challenge for family members who have the same pool of sponsors to draw from. Therefore, if two or more family members are registered to ride, second and subsequent members have their minimum reduced to $1000. In order to qualify as a “second family member” you must be registering with a fully fundraising family member. If you are unclear if you qualify as a second family member, please contact us.

We are completely happy for “family members” to include unmarried partners, and we are happy for you to self-define as such. At the same time, if you are not family members, this is not the registration category you should use.

The personal pride achieved by our two sons as they completed riding 100 miles over two days taught them a lesson about setting high personal expectations, training and achieving, that no classroom experience can match.