2006 New York Ride Grantees

The 2006 New York Ride raised nearly $230,000, which was disbursed to over 20 different organizations in the United States and in Israel.

Total Money Raised by 2006 New York Ride $227,000
20% allocated to Ride Costs $44,000
Total proceeds for Ride beneficiaries $183,000
~60% of proceeds to Hazon’s projects $109,580
~40% of proceeds to external Ride beneficiaries $73,420

Hazon Projects
Tuv Ha’Aretz Community-Supported Agriculture Project
to fund the expansion of Tuv Ha’Aretz to 5 new sites, including 1 in Israel
Food Curriculum
to create a multi-topic curriculum book on Jews, Food, and Contemporary Life
Food Conference
Leadership Development $6,000
JBike.org $5,000
The Jew and the Carrot
to create Hazon’s blog on Jews, Food and Contemporary Life
Educational Materials $2,000
Bike to the Beach $1,000
General Hazon Support $19,580

Major Partners
Isabella Freedman / Adamah Fellowship
to support the construction of the new Adamah food processing kitchen
The mission of Isabella Freedman is to cultivate spiritually vibrant, socially progressive and environmentally conscious Jewish community. ADAMAH, a 3 or 6 month farming and Jewish learning fellowship program for 20somethings, is the spark that makes this happens.
Arava Institute
The Arava Institute is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges and to create a sustainable future for the region’s human and natural resources.

Tuv Ha’Aretz Grants
to fund matching gifts for projects at the 5 Old Sites ($500 ea) and the 5 new Sites ($1000 ea)
B’nai Tzedek awards $4,220
Teva Learning Center $5,000

Mini Grants Awarded
The Center for Creative Ecology at Kibbutz Lotan, Tzell Hatamar
to enable Israeli Participation in The Center for Creative Ecology’s Green Apprenticeship Program, a training program for environmental activists.
Green Course – Students for the Environment in Israel
In Partnership with Pardes-Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem & Elul – Beit Midrash, Jerusalem 
to fund a group of students at the Environmental Beit Midrash Program, where they will gain in-depth insight into Jewish texts and holding activities for the environment.
Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo
to provide hands-on experience and volunteering through the Eco-Activist Beit Midrash.
Canfei Nesharim
to create and disseminate The Jewish Environmental Parsha Initiative, the first-ever collection of weekly teachings about the environment, based on the Torah portion of the week, to inspire broad Jewish action to protect the environment.
Project Ya’aleh v’Yavo, Inc. – “Building Bridges into the Future”
to offer innovative and challenging hands-on, Torah-based environmental projects and programs to a wide variety of Jewish youth from elementary school age through college age.
Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center
to establish an organic, farm using sustainable energy and resources at the retreat center.  This will begin with the planting of 1 ½ acres.
The Gaia Institute / Ansche Chesed
to plant a model green roof atop Congregation Ansche Chesed in Manhattan.
Jewish Farm School
to fund a multi-day Urban Sustainability Forum highlighting the environmental potential of city life.
to create community and educational opportunities through organic soil cultivation and food production in Israel.
Green Zionist Alliance
to raise Diaspora awareness about Israel’s environment, by continuing to develop the relationship between Israeli and Diaspora environmental activists in order to empower our Israeli colleagues.
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
to promote the use of reusable materials in food service and cut waste dramatically and quickly. The Green Committee will work with the cafeteria management of the school.
Table to Table
to fund Project Leket, where volunteers gather fruits and vegetables that remain in the farmers’ fields and orchards at the end of the commercial harvest.
The Shalom Center – “Green Menorah Covenant” Project
to organize the Jewish community toward ending America’s addiction to over-use of oil, toward curbing the power of Big Oil, and toward reducing the danger of global scorching.

Other Grants
Huntington Jewish Center $1,800
Adventure Cycling Association $100
Making the Ride Carbon Neutral $1,000