How to Ask

There is no one right way to deliver your fundraising message.  Emails, letters and in-person requests are by far the most common, but riders often get very creative with their fundraising strategies!  Here are a range of techniques you can use to reach your fundraising goal.  We encourage you to try several until you find the ones that work best for you:

Tried and True

  • EMAIL: Many people use email as their main means of soliciting sponsorship. Tools on your Participant Center will help make composing, sending and tracking emails very easy.  More tips on using your Participant Center here.
  • LETTERS: Although email is quick and easy, some have found that letters-sent via “snail mail” are more personal and often get better results. Be sure to include a return envelope, stamped and self-addressed, to help your donor respond to your request.  Read our tips on composing your fundraising letter here.
  • JUST ASK: Some people are comfortable with the most direct approach: asking for money in person or by phone is usually very effective.  You may want to follow up with an email reminder.

Creative, Funky and Fun

  • SPINNING CLASS: Ask your fitness club or JCC to donate space and a teacher to host a class. Play music and show a slideshow of the route or other Hazon Rides during the class.
  • RIDE TO WORK: Ask co-workers to donate a dollar for every day you ride to work. If you get 10 co-workers to donate for 30 days, that’s $300! Fundraise and train at the same time.
  • BAKE SALE: The old-fashioned bake sale works every time. Set up a stand at work, school, or on your street corner with goodies of your choice.
  • HOLIDAY OR BIRTHDAY: Connect the Ride to the holidays and your birthday and ask your guest to sponsor you for the Ride instead of getting you a present.
  • DINNER PARTY: Host a themed dinner party and cook for all your friends. Ask a local grocery store for a discount on ingredients and charge $5 per guest.
  • FLIERS: Place fliers or posters around the office, in the bathroom, in the company lounge, by the water cooler and at your desk.
  • HOST A POKER GAME OR GAME NIGHT: Call your serious (or not so serious) card-playing friends and invite them over for poker night and ask for a donation to play.
  • BOWLING NIGHT: Plan a fun night of bowling at the local alley. Ask the owner to waive the fees and you can collect that money and apply it to your campaign.
  • INFO SESSIONS: Hold information sessions at work, at your synagogue.
  • SKILL SHARE EVENT: Invite friends over for a skill share event. Are you a yogi or a master crocheter? Charge $5 admission or have a suggested donation.
  • PLAY A GAME: Gather friends for a soccer, softball, or kickball game in honor of your participation on the Ride. Ask for donations and don’t forget snacks.
  • RIDE ALONG: Ask a potential donor to ride along on one of your training rides. They may be more willing to donate once they fully understand what you have committed to doing!
  • USED BOOK SALE: Sell your old books. Wear your Hazon t-shirt or bike shirt and put up some signs so people will know where the money is going.
  • LOCAL SPORT STORES: Ask a local store manager if they are willing to sponsor you on the ride. Tell them you will put a link to their webpage on your personal fundraising page.
  • SYNAGOGUE BULLETIN: Place an advertisement in your synagogue bulletin letting the congregation know what you’re up to!
  • OTHER PARENTS: If your kids play in play groups, sports leagues or other activities, distribute your fundraising letter to the parents at the event.
  • HAIR SALON: Ask your hairdresser to donate $2 from every haircut they complete during the weekend.
  • AUCTION: Auction off sections of your body, and promise to write the donors name on them during your ride.
  • CURSE JAR: Put a jar on your desk at work, and every time someone curses within earshot, they have to put a dollar in the jar. Pair it with a graph so your colleagues can watch your progress toward your goal.

Technological Tools

  • FACEBOOK: Post your current fundraising status in your status updates.
  • BLOGS: Write about the Ride and your training progress on your blog.
  • EMAIL SIGNATURE: Include a link to your fundraising web page in your e-mail signature.
  • MAKE A VIDEO: Post it on Facebook or share by email.  Watch some great examples here.
  • CHAT: Put a link to your fundraising page in your Google Chat status.
  • MAKE A TRAINING MIX: Offer to share it with your donors.