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Walker Creek Ranch:

Basic housing at Walker Creek is dormitory-style cabins that are equipped with solid wood frame bunk beds and are carpeted and heated. There is a detached bathhouse and those with basic housing must provide all linens.

Upgrade option: There are lodges available with semi-private rooms for an additional charge of $100. Each lodge has 3 to 9 bedrooms, with a shared bath and common area. Those that upgrade will have all linens provided.

At Camp:

The ride includes 9 meals from Friday dinner until Monday lunch, as well as rest stops along the route. All food is kosher. Meals will be vegetarian with the exception of Friday night dinner, which will include the option of fish. Where possible we strive to use food that is locally produced and/or organic. There will be snacks throughout Shabbat and the ride, including energy bars and drinks.

All meals will be prepared by the dedicated staff of Walker Creek Ranch.

On the Route:

We plan rest stops every 15-20 miles along all routes. Each rest stop has a variety of snacks, typically including energy bars, granola, salty chips, and fruit as well as water and energy drinks. We aim to provide organic and healthy snacks while recognizing the need for high-energy food for cycling. Each rest stop has shade and rest rooms.

One or two rest stops serve as a lunch stop, which also includes sandwiches and other food, prepared by our host camp.

Cycling Support

We have a short route briefing on Thursday and Saturday nights ahead of our riding days for all riders. Every rider receives a cue sheet with the turns of their chosen route, and all routes are marked with spray paint. When needed, we have additional signage or crew members to ensure that you do not miss tricky turns.

Each route is led by a lead rider who knows the route, and a “sweep car” follows behind the last rider of each group. In addition, we have two mechanic vehicles who are available on the route and at rest stops. We also have volunteer Ride Marshalls, who are seasoned cyclists and can lend a hand.

We also have a team of volunteer medics who are available at each rest stop and a paramedic vehicle available in case of emergency. When deemed necessary, we also have a police presence for busier roads.

Packing and Luggage

All of your things should fit into one small piece of luggage. Our crew are transporting luggage each day of the Ride, so please pack lightly.  You may also want to have a cycle bag on your bike for essentials during the Ride.


  • Only those with upgraded housing will be provided linens. All other participants must bring their own linens (sheets, blankets, or sleeping bag), pillow and towel.
  • Rain Gear – It has rained on the ride. Be prepared and bring rain gear to ride in.
  • Casual, comfortable clothes for Shabbat and the rest of the weekend. Bring layers.
  • A fleece or warm sweater, the evenings will be cool and we will be outside a lot.
  • Sturdy closed toed shoes for hiking
  • Toiletries (don’t forget contact lens solution, sunscreen)
  • Travel Coffee Mug – so you don’t have to use disposables. We will only be purchasing a limited number of disposable hot cups.
  • Sunglasses
  • Alarm Clock
  • Camera
  • Flash Light
  • Games (board games, cards, sports equipment)
  • Bug Spray
  • Ear plugs
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit (for the pond!)
  • Emergency contact info
  • Government-issued photo ID -driver’s license
  • Medication you need to have with you (ie, inhaler,
  • epi-pen)
  • Health insurance card (allergy bracelet if you have one)
  • Some money for emergencies or bike supplies from our mechanic.
  • Yoga Mat, we have about 15 but you should bring one if you’d like

Rider Gear

Mandatory:A properly-fitting helmet. If you are not sure if your helmet is fitting properly, please see your neighborhood bike shop or check in with our mechanic on Friday afternoon or Saturday night before the Ride.


  • Pair padded cycle shorts, if you have raised $2500 we will have a pair of Hazon cycling shorts for you at the Ride
  • 2 non-cotton cycling shirts. We will have a Golden Gate Ride jersey for you at the Ride if you have raised $1500. If you are alumni of a past Hazon Ride, we encourage you to wear your jersey from your past Hazon ride.
  • 2 pairs of cycle socks
  • Cycling Gloves
  • Second layers, top and bottom, for cool or wet weather
  • A bandana or head sweat
  • Two spare inner tubes for your bike
  • A spare water bottle, all participants will be given a Hazon water bottle at registration
  • Bar Map to hold your cue sheet

Optional but Recommended:

  • Basic repair and first aid kits
  • Toe cages or cycling shoes
  • Rearview mirror
  • Cyclometer
  •  Tire levers
  •  A patch kit and pump
  •  Icy/Hot Butt Balm – lubricant for where your body meets the saddle

Crew Gear:

  • Boom boxes, water guns, costumes, musical instruments and everything spirited

Jewish stuff
If you wear a kippah, tallit or tefillin, please bring them- we will have a limited supply. We have a limited number of siddurim, if you have one you use regularly, you should bring it.

Credit Card

You must bring your credit card with you. Riders who have not completed their fundraising minimum by the Ride must provide a credit card as a guarantee. You will have until June 30th to complete your fundraising – your credit card will not be charged until after this date. If you wish to commit to a higher fundraising level to earn an incentive, you also will be asked to guarantee this with a credit card. Participants who have not reached their minimum will not be allowed to ride without a credit card guarantee.

Weekend Schedule

Hazon is excited to offer a thoughtful and well-rounded program for this year’s retreat. Thanks in advance to all of the participants who are presenting, teaching a session, leading a service, and sharing their interests and skills with the community! Download this schedule of the weekend programming.