Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Sign up today to integrate Hazon’s Golden Gate Ride into your experience of becoming a Jewish adult.

Many aspiring bar and bat mitzvah youth choosbnai mitzvahe to integrate our Rides into their experience of becoming a Jewish adult. The teens bring ruach, energy, and inspiration to the Ride, as riders and as crew. They often bring their families to the Ride, and many times the experience is just as transformational for the parent as for the teen. Teen participation is genuine to Hazon’s commitment to inclusiveness, broadening the range of voices and experiences that make up the Ride community.

For more information on how to make the Hazon Ride a part of your bar or bat mitzvah experience, contact

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  • A bar or bat mitzvah is a spiritual experience – the ride brings a physical dimension to your journey.
  • Prepare, train and work towards accomplishing another layer of challenge to your rite of passage.
  • Connect your love of nature, community, and tzedakah to your b’nai mitzvah.
  • The ride is an incredible fun, outdoor way to make a difference!
  • Your whole family can be involved in the training and participation.
  • Your whole synagogue and community can support your bike journey.
  • It is the perfect connection of helping the world, Israel, and the environment.

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  • A great experience to challenge, grow, and learn Jewishly.
  • B’nai mitzvah teens are recognized for their special commitment.
  • Opportunity to participate in outdoor religious services.
  • Personalized web pages and computer support to collect fundraising.
  • D’var Torah resources related to the environment.
  • Connections to alumni b’nai mitzvah and teen riders.
  • Quality family time in a unique setting.
  • Plus, there is room for non-riders to participate as crew.

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  • An active, Jewish, educational, and inspiring family vacation.
  • A fun, outdoor, and challenging experience to work mind, body, and spirit.
  • A supportive environment for riders of all levels.
  • A completely inclusive experience including Jews, multi-faith individuals, and friends of Jewish families.
  • A pluralistic Jewish community for all walks of Jewish life.
  • Exposure to a contemporary and exciting setting with like-minded peers and families.

The Shabbat experience was many things for us. A chance to talk with our kids about new ways to do things, a chance to see how other Jews celebrate, a chance to share some new experiences, and celebrate with a new community and as someone who doesn’t love sitting in services, I felt this weekend gave me a full sensory immersion into Jewish environmental issues and opened my eyes to some new concepts.

As part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah project, teens will have the chance to share their experiences and lessons they have learned.  Read these speeches to learn what B’nai Mitzvah have talked about in the past and how Hazon can create the perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience for you: