Topsy Turvy Bus Tour

The bio-fueled environmental schoolhouse on wheels!

Through the Topsy Turvy Bus Tour, this mobile educational spectacle is showing communities that we have the power to change the course of history and flip the environmental damage we see around us on its head. Through hands-on programming with activities both on and off the bus, over 12,500 participants of all ages have experienced this unique Jewish environmental education learning space.

Summer 2015 Tour

This summer we’ll be going on tour throughout the Northeast, starting from the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT and going as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as DC, with stops along the way in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and Boston.

Come to one of our public events in your community – specified below.

6/30 – 7/9: Washington, DC
Come see us at the Hazon CSA in Cherry Hill, NJ during distribution from 5-7pm on Wednesday, 7/1! And join us at our Moishe House program and discussion on 7/6!

7/10 – 16: Philadelphia, PA
We’ll be in Harrisburg over Shabbat and would love to meet you if you’re in the community! Rumored guest appearance from ex-pat local celebrity David Weisburg.

7/17 – 22: Amherst, NH

7/23 – 25: Northampton, MA
Come join us for Shabbat with The Brothers Yares and Bend the Arc on Friday, 7/24!

7/26 – 28: West Hartford, CT

7/21 – 22: Philadelphia, PA

7/29 – 8/1: Boston, MA
Join us at our Moishe Kavod House program and discussion on 7/29!

8/2 – 12: New York, NY

8/13 – 16: Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Previous Bus Tours have visited Jewish communities across the country, of all affiliations, ages, and backgrounds. Last summer, we traveled from Denver to the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and stopped at a variety of Jewish institutions along the way. We worked with a diverse cross-section of the Jewish community, from overnight camps to community farms, JCCs to Moishe houses, Synagogues to youth movements, and more!

To see what it’s like to be on the road with the Topsy Turvy bus, you can peruse our blog or look through our photos!


Follow our blog to find out what we’re up to and where we are!


Special Recent Posts

Topsy Turvy Tour De Farm

Topsy Turvy Tour De Farm

July 10th, 2014

Hi! This is Molly, one of the Teva support staff members. This past Sunday, the Topsy Turvy bus was in my hometown working with the Mitzvah Garden in Overland Park, Kansas. The Mitzvah Garden is a community garden that recruits[...]

Let it go, let it go! – Reflections from a Topsy Turvy Adventure

Let it go, let it go! – Reflections from a Topsy Turvy Adventure

July 7th, 2014

It is 11:30 am, and I am sitting in a field in the middle of the Rocky Mountains surrounded by horses, trees, compost toilets, a bike blender and solar ovens. And Eli, who is dressed as a tree, sitting in[...]

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

July 7th, 2014

I have the immense honor and pleasure of writing the first blog post from the road of this 2014 Teva Topsy Turvy Shmita Bus Tour! To be the first to try to articulate the experiences of this amazing group of[...]

We've arrived in Denver!

We've arrived in Denver!

June 25th, 2014

  Shalom! I’m Molly, a member of the program support staff for this tour, and I’m thrilled to be putting up the inaugural post for this blog.   Today marks the first day of orientation, where the educators will all meet for the[...]

The Topsy Turvy Bus is Getting Ready to Go!

The Topsy Turvy Bus is Getting Ready to Go!

June 20th, 2014

Hazon's mobile educational spectacle is traveling from Denver to Connecticut while teaching communities how to rethink cycles of food, energy, and time. If you happen to be on the road this summer anywhere between Colorado and Connecticut, you might be lucky[...]

Bus History

The Topsy Turvy Bus was originally commissioned by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s and was built by Tom Kennedy and his partner, Haideen, at Tom Kennedy’s Art Cards shop in San Francisco, CA in 2007. The first tour was focused on reducing the wasteful spending of the Pentagon. The second tour was to advocate for the White House Organic Farm project.

Our Story

Over the past 6 years Teva has been on four unique adventures to open minds and stretch imaginations, showing communities all across the country the power we have as individuals and communities to change the course of history and flip the environmental damage we see around us on its head!
And what better way to spread this message than on a Topsy Turvy School Bus that runs on used vegetable oil?

We aim to make it through our tours without ever stopping at a gas station – you can follow our blog to see if we can do it!

On our tours we build, celebrate, and strengthen the Jewish communities we visit through innovative learning methods, and grassroots action around Jewish values and renewable energy topics. We dream big, and discover creative ways to re-think energy and conservation issues, from worm composting to human-powered bicycle generators.

We’re now accepting applications for educators on the Summer 2015 bus tour!

Being an educator is one of the most rewarding, exciting, and fun ways to spend your time.  Your days are filled with astounding kids, parents, and bystanders alike with the programs and visuals of the bus and the stations that we tote with us, while the rest of your time is focused on building community and seeing the country from a perspective unlike any other, with other committed and enthusiastic comrades.

Meet The Crew

Coming from West Hartford, CT, Jacob grew up working for summer camps, and has made his way in the Jewish environmental movement; he farmed a full growing year at the Pearlstone Center in jacobMD, has held at least 3 different positions at Eden Village Camp in NY, and has worked for Teva in various capacities since he graduated from Brandeis in 2012. Jacob is thrilled to begin this new piece of his Hazon journey, his SECOND go-round with the Topsy Turvy Bus. He is especially excited to teach at his alma mater camp in NH (and see the looks on their faces!).

Ginny is a life-loving person with a variety of interests including traveling, meeting people, good food, working with kids, arts and crafts, anginny-cohemd helping turn dreams into reality. With that said, her education is in social/sustainable entrepreneurship; and so she is very excited to teach and learn about this beautiful paradise we call Earth on-board the Topsy Turvy Bus, and to see what ideas come about. Ginny believes in positivity, creativity, collaboration, appreciation, sharing knowledge and smiles, and of course taking lots of dance breaks!

Frances is currently a student at the University of Vermont getting her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Faith, Education, and the Environment. Growing up in a youth francesmovement where tikkun olam was not only talked about, but acted upon, Frances loves exploring her two passions, environmental stewardship and Jewish education, in an effort to do her part in making the world a better place. Frances enjoys reading, knitting, and getting dirty and is beyond excited to join the Topsy Turvy Team!

Caleb is Orange County (CA) born and bred, with all the easygoing cheerfulness that comes along with life under the sun. He would live his life in bare feet if he could. Caleb loves that the Earth has the immense capacity to heal itself as best demonstrated in his favorite Youtube clip of all time: How Wolves Change Rivers. Caleb is so very excited to bring his passion around the East Coast and beyond on the Topsy Turvy Bus!


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Past Tours

Birkat Hachamah / Blessing of the Sun Tour
Spring 2009
We toured the Northeast and Cleveland teaching students of all ages about solar energy and the Jewish holiday of Birkat Hachamah

Jewish Climate Change Tour
Winter 2009 – Spring 2010
From east to west coast and then back, this cross-country tour taught about renewable energy during and after the Jewish holiday of Chanukah

Purim to Freedom
Spring 2011
We toured the Southeast and the Florida Keys, during the Jewish holidays of Purim to Passover

Gearing Up for Shmita
Summer 2014
From Denver to Connecticut we worked with communities in the Midwest and on the East Coast in preparation for the biblical sabbatical year (starting in 5775)