Upcoming Events

Jun 1, 2023 - Jun 4, 2023
Join us from June 1st – 4th for a Wellness Retreat at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center. Nestled in the sunny foothills of the Berkshires, Isabella Freedman is the perfect place to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the serenity and playfulness of a weekend in the woods. Featuring programs such has hands-on food demonstrations and forest ecology walks, the Wellness Retreat is designed for you to rest and reconnect to self, people, and planet. Daily mindful movement will accompany classes that highlight our incredible staff and educators here at Isabella Freedman including Shamu Sadeh, the Managing Director of Education, and Carly Sugar, the Adamah Program Director. Forage for mushrooms, listen for owl calls, and enjoy alternative prayer services during this adult-only get-away. Bring back summer camp vibes by staying in a cabin, hiking around a lake, and making s’mores around a bonfire. Transportation between New York City and Isabella Freedman is included.
Adamah Offerings:
  • Wander through our hiking trails and around the retreat center campus with Carly Sugar to check out what’s growing, learn how to identify plants and fungi, and understand how you might use it for food or herbal medicine. Explore other uses of plants, like pigments and fibers, to make your own land-based art.
  • Sink your hands into the dirt and take a plant’s eye view of early summer- unrestrained growth and abundance burst forward everywhere on the farm under the long days. Harvest produce and savor it fresh out of the fields; learn about our regenerative approach to soil and plant health; and sync up with the rhythm of the growing season.
  • Notice signs of the past in the woods and explore the relationships between our own history and the history of this land. See our new chestnut orchard, meet the goats, and take part in the ancient skill of parchment-making from goat skin.
From the Kitchen:
“To me, a generative and sustainable diet is composed of foods that are local and in-season. I’m thrilled to explore what a this looks like as a ritualistic community practice – for instance, incorporating foraged garlic mustard and knotweed alongside our Adamah-grown broccoli raab and marigold in our June menu. At Isabella Freedman, we strive to create meals that nourish the body and spirit of the land we’re on, as well as those of our guests. The ritualistic nature of eating Kosher while practicing sustainability in the context of communal dining is a spirited endeavor towards living in harmony with each other and the land. I’m motivated to present food in ways that awaken the curiosity, creativity, and thoughtfulness of all who engage with us.”
— Jared Spafford
“Come join us at Isabella Freedman where we express ourselves and our vision in an innovative, creative, and sustainable way. Take a trip back to your own childhood as sous chef Alex pairs remnants from his childhood with farm-to-table foods to transport you on a soulful journey.”
— Alex Long
Lead Facilitator:
An alumna and former director of the Adamah Fellowship, part of Rebecca’s heart resides at Isabella Freedman.  She lives in Falls Village, and also feels at home amongst creatives, in fresh water lakes, in Italy, with her family, and on her yoga mat. She’s a photographer, an immigrant-women-led cooking school manager, and a teacher of yoga and nonviolent communication.  She looks forward to welcoming you to a weekend of rest and rejuvenation.
Camp Isabella Freedman (50+)
Jun 29, 2023 - Jul 9, 2023

We have been offering annual summer camp experiences for adults since 1956 and are honored to continue this tradition by providing you with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for one of the best summer vacations you’ll ever have.