Culture & Jewish Community

Unique retreats that serve as portals for engagement to bring together the passions and needs of distinct communities with the larger work of Hazon

Our Culture & Jewish Community Retreats apply the broad values of the organization as a whole to particular communities and interest. These events also allow individuals and communities with specific interests to access the wider work of Hazon through their passions and particular focus.

In order to accomplish the overarching mission of Hazon to help create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, a diverse cross-section of the wider Jewish world must be involved. Beyond those explicitly committed to the values that Hazon espouses are many thousands of people whose passions potentially intersect with Hazon’s mission – if those doorways are open. CJC programs function as those open doorways, meeting people at their particular interests and creating a gateway to engaged them with our vision and mission.

At the same time, if the Jewish community is to be healthier and more sustainable, those values need to show up in all of the work happening across the community as a whole. Sustainability is not a niche endeavor. CJC programs showcase Hazon’s vision at work in many realms including: elder care, music, LGBTQ activism, sports, ethnic identity, mental health, and community design.

Let My People Sing!
Aug 22, 2019 - Aug 25, 2019
Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT

Join us for a weekend of song sharing and learning. Together, we will sing and share a wide array of Jewish song traditions, inclusive of the full range of Jewish ancestry and religious practices. Includes Camp Teva for kids!

Hazon Meditation Retreat
Dec 22, 2019 - Dec 29, 2019
Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT

A week of silence, awareness, and insight with Rabbi Jay Michaelson, Beth Resnick, Miriam Eisenberger, and Shir Yaakov Feit.