Mini Grants

Announcing $500 Grants to Denver/Boulder-area organizations
taking the Hazon Food Audit!

The Hazon Food Guide helps you navigate food choices in your Jewish institution, and offers practical suggestions for bringing our ancient tradition of keeping kosher – literally, eating food that is “fit” – to bear on the range of food choices we’re making today.

The Food Audit, a supplement to the Food Guide, is an evaluation and planning tool that will help you to best use the resources available in the Food Guide at your Jewish institution.

The Food Audit will enable you to:

  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your institution’s policies and practices for promoting food sustainability and justice through an assessment process;
  2. Develop an action plan for improving your institution’s food sustainability and justice policies and practices, and;
  3. Involve your institution in implementing this plan.

The Food Audit addresses nine areas related to sustainable food choices and best practice:

  • The food you serve: is it organic, local, fair trade, healthy?
  • Kosher sustainable meat, cheese, wine, and chocolate and how to source them
  • Eating together: starting conversation and bringing the community together around food
  • Serving the food: plates, utensils and more
  • Outfitting your kitchen: energy audit, appliances, etc.
  • Food waste: reducing it, recycling it, composting it!
  • Food education for adults and children
  • Community Supported Agriculture and gardens
  • Food justice and social responsibility

Each grant is $500. Applications can come from staff or volunteers of Jewish organizations in the Denver and Boulder areas; you are not required to have a building. Grants are “first come, first served” and awarded 2-3 weeks following your application submission. REQUIRED FIRST STEP: There are a limited number of grants available. Before applying, contact Hazon’s Colorado office to ensure availability. (A grant is not guaranteed at this point and final award is pending, based on your application.) There are grants available at this time.

Questions? Send us an email.

Food Audit Grant Application

To Apply For A $500 Food Audit Grant

Thank you for your interest in creating healthier and more sustainable communities!

REQUIRED FIRST STEP: There are a limited number of grants available. Contact Hazon’s Colorado office as soon as you are interested in taking the Audit and receiving a grant to ensure a grant is reserved for your organization. (A grant is not guaranteed at this point and final award is pending, based on your application.) This also enables us to share with you any additional support, resources, and programming available while you are in the process of taking the Audit and creating your action plan. To be eligible for a grant you must take this first step; any applications received that were not preceded by this first step may be dismissed or award notification may be delayed.

Once you have completed the Audit & Action Plan, you must submit your application online. The application will request the following information:

  1. Contact information:
    • Organization’s name, address, phone, email and website.
    • Name, phone, and email of point person for this grant.
    • How the grant check should be made out, and an address to mail it to.
  2. Your organization’s completed Food Audit (pages 61-68 of the Food Guide & Food Audit).
  3. A completed action plan (see below) for each action this grant will be used for; feel free to include information on other actions you will be taking that will not be using these funds.

Audit & Action Plan

Fill in the set of five blanks/questions below for each action your organization is taking using Hazon grant funds. This doesn’t need to be lengthy, but provide enough information so that someone who hasn’t been a part of your process and isn’t familiar with your institution could understand what you are intending to do; see the sample action plan at the bottom.






(repeat as needed for each action)

Total costs for all actions should equal or be greater than $500. Smaller requests will be granted at the amount requested, though we encourage you to think bigger and develop ideas to utilize $500.

By signing here as a representative of this Jewish organization, we commit to implementing the above changes in the manner indicated and using Hazon’s grant as indicated. (Typed signatures are acceptable.)

Sign ______________________________________________      Date _______________

Sample Action Plan

Action: Switching to organic grape juice for kiddush at youth services

How: Contact 3-5 of our usual vendors and visit supermarkets to research availability, price, convenience; select most appropriate vendor; inform volunteer/staff who buys/orders for the Kiddush about the change; write “blurb” about change for newsletter; remind clergy leading youth service to talk about the change at the first two-three services with the new juice

Who: Person A will contact vendors and supermarkets and liaison with appropriate staff; Person B will write blurb; Person C will brief clergy

Timeline: vendor/market research will be completed by middle of July and new juice will begin being purchased by end of July; blurb for August newsletter will be written and submitted by August newsletter deadline; clergy will be briefed no later than week before first use of new juice

Cost: The new juice will cost 50 cents more/bottle, at 2 bottles per service x 52 services = $52. We’ll use Hazon funds to cover this increase for one year after which time we’ll roll this increase into our regular budget.