Faith is Green: Jewish Life & Planet Earth

Hazon is partnering with EarthX to produce episodes on Jewish environmentalism for the Faith is Green series on EarthxTV. This brand new original series details how we can all strive to create a more environmentally sustainable world through observance of Jewish values such as respect, fairness, responsibility, and community.

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The first four episodes are now available free and on demand on the EarthX website!

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Episode 1: Jews and the Land

How Jews are connecting and reconnecting to the land through farming, nature education, ritual, and more.


  • Talia Chain | Founder, Sadeh
  • Micha Chetrit | Farmer/Co-Founder of The Midbar Project
  • Risa Alyson Cooper | Executive Director, Shoresh
  • Yosef Gillers | Co-Executive Director, GrowTorah
  • Rabbi Zelig Golden | Executive Director, Wilderness Torah
  • Shani Mink | Executive Director, Jewish Farmer Network
  • Shamu Sadeh | Director of Education at Isabella Freedman, Hazon
  • Nigel Savage | Founder and CEO, Hazon

Episode 2: The Jewish Calendar, Planet Earth and the Climate Crisis

A reflection on the ways that Jewish holidays and cycles of time are informing the Jewish environmental movement. 


  • Dr. Jeremy Benstein | Heschel Center for Sustainability and 929
  • Rabbi Jill Hammer | Academy for Jewish Religion
  • Sara Just-Michael | Grow Torah
  • Dr. Adriane Leveen | HUC-JIR, New York
  • Nigel Savage | Hazon
  • Jonathan Schorsch | Green Sabbath Project
  • Yoshi Silverstein | Mitsui Collective

Episode 3: Jews and Food 

Explore how the centuries-old tradition of “keeping kosher” is playing out in fascinating and sustainable new ways in the 21st century.


  • Jenny Goldfarb | Unreal Deli
  • Devora Kimelman-Block | KOL Foods
  • Leah Koenig | Author
  • Nate Looney | Westside Urban Gardens and Avodah
  • Becky O’Brien | Hazon
  • Nigel Savage | Hazon
  • Hannah Style | Feast With Us

Episode 4: Jewish Activism for a More Sustainable World 

From Moses in the Bible, to Heschel and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jewish life has already been about making change in the wider world. In this episode, we hear from a range of Jewish activists who are driving change in the wider world.


  • Rabbi Shoshana Friedman | Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action
  • Jakir Manela | Hazon and Pearlstone Center
  • Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright | New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
  • Sue Salinger | Ekar Farm
  • Nigel Savage | Hazon
  • Charlene Seidle | Leichtag Foundation
  • Yoni Stadlin | Eden Village Camp

Episode 5: Israel and the Environment – Premiering November 15, 2021 

A look at leading, cutting edge sustainability efforts in Israel from clean tech, to academic, to non-profit, and more, and how the environmental movement contributes to peace-building. 


  • Yossi Abramowitz | Energiya Global Capital and the Arava Power Company
  • Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed | Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
  • Einat Kramer | Teva Ivri
  • Nova Levtziyon Nadan and Hadas Shafrir | Value2 – The House for Responsible Investments
  • Nigel Savage | Hazon
  • Elaine Solowey | Arava Institute
  • Alon Tal | Member of the Knesset

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