Understanding Shmita

May 5, 2021 - May 19, 2021

Wednesdays: May 5th, 12th, and 19th | 12-1pm EDT

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In this 3-part series, Jeremy Benstein and Shira Hecht-Koller from 929 and Nigel Savage from Hazon explore the many dimensions of the Shmita tradition, as well as share the lessons, insights, and aspirations it offers about society, the economy, and the environment.

Why learn about shmita? The next shmita (sabbatical) year starts this coming Rosh Hashana on September 6, 2021. Traditional teachings about shmita shed light on a significant range of contemporary issues, including rest and work, relationship to land, relationship to community, relationship to debt and debt relief, definitions of community, inequality, and the issue of consumption itself. We believe that raising awareness about shmita deepens our understanding of Jewish tradition, and helps us think through critical issues in the world today. We hope you join us to learn more about his profound tradition.