Jan 14, 2021 - Jan 18, 2021

Hazon is a proud sponsor of The Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival. The festival presents impactful films that engage the community toward a more democratic, inclusive, and just society. The festival explores themes of inequality, injustice, and social responsibility. Through films, special events, and conversations, we aim to inspire participants to reflect and take action in order to create a community of civic-minded individuals eager to make a collective change. In the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy, our goal is to promote social action that leads to positive change in our society and beyond.

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The Cinematters: New York Social Justice Film Festival will run January 14-18, 2021. This year the festival will feature a few programs on environmental justice:


  • The Condor & The Eagle – Four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian Boreal forests to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of “Climate Justice”.
  • The Sacrifice Zone – If you travel down a one-mile stretch of Doremus Avenue in Newark, NJ, you pass a natural gas plant next to a sewage treatment facility next to an animal fat rendering plant next to a series of ominous looking chemical storage containers behind acres of fencing. Airplanes pass overhead every two minutes, their engines rattling windows, while a putrid smell wafts from the open pools at the sewage treatment plant.


  • Sat, Jan 16 – 3:15pm – 30 min Q+A on The Sacrifice Zone with Director, Julie Winokur and Maria Lopez-Nuñez, Deputy Director, Organizing and Advocacy, Ironbound Community Corporation.
  • Sun, Jan 17 – 2pm – 1 hour Q+A on The Condor and the Eagle with Director, Clement Guerra, Bill McKibben, Founder and Senior Advisor Emeritus of The panel will most likely also feature indigenous activists from the film.

Use promo code CineHazon21 to receive 25% off!

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